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8 Ways to Alleviate Virtual Miscommunication

Kaitlin Schneider
The benefits of technology, especially when it comes to remote work, are vast. However, no matter how useful contemporary tools and applications may be, sometimes human beings misconstrue the intended interpretation of a piece of virtual correspondence—be it an email, a quick text, a chat message or even a short comment on a document. These issues arise often when working remotely. When you’re not speaking face-to-face, you miss out on valuable contextual clues that tell you what’s really going ...
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Are TikTok and WeChat Really Trying to Steal Private Information?

Joel Havenridge
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Topics: Security Threats, Trends

Feeling Overwhelmed by IT Security? 4 Reasons You Should Onboard an MSSP

Kaitlin Schneider
IT leaders already have a lot to handle day-in, day-out, and that workload is only going to increase. Tacking another series of tasks on your to-do list probably isn’t the best option. What you need is a group of IT experts who will work as an extension of your team and take care of what you don’t have the time or resources for. If that’s cyber security, a managed security service provider (MSSP) is your best option for protecting your organization.
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Topics: Network Security, Outsourced IT

Best Cloud Computing Solutions for Small Business in 2020

Chris Vilim
Operating a business in the 21st century demands cutting-edge technology to keep up with an ever-changing work environment. Today’s cloud computing solutions for small businesses continue to become more sophisticated to meet user needs and accessibility.  To make the most of the benefits of cloud computing, consider incorporating these four cloud computing solutions into your day-to-day business operations. 
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Topics: Cloud, Microsoft Products, Phone Systems

The 7 Best and Worst Personalities in Every Business Meeting [+Free Infographic]

Kaitlin Schneider
Whether your meetings take place in person or on a video conferencing platform, there are a few personality types that make themselves known in every meeting.     Do you know which ones are the best – or the worst – for successful meetings in your organization?  
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Topics: The Workplace

Latest Microsoft 365 Updates Boost Collaboration and Simplify Your Work Life

Waheed Bhatti
From increasing the grid view size on Teams to increased security features, Microsoft is rolling out an array of updates for users that will simplify both work and personal life. Read on to hear about the biggest changes coming to your favorite Microsoft 365 business applications.
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Topics: Microsoft Products

3 Most Common Business Network Security Threats

Wynn Obermeyer
As more companies, large and small, increasingly rely on technology and cloud computing to keep their operations running, network security demands more attention.  Small businesses in particular often don’t realize they are at risk, but external IT security threats are always present. Therefore, it’s imperative to recognize and prepare for these potential security threats to protect your clients, your employees and your business.
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Topics: Security Threats

3 Criteria You Should Consider When Selecting An IT Service Provider

Kaitlin Schneider
When choosing a managed service provider (MSP), it can be difficult to know exactly what to look for regarding experience, terms and services. By hiring any service provider, you’re taking a big risk with your security, efficiency, and assets, so identifying the right one is key. When you’re investigating potential candidates, however, there are many different factors to consider. You need to understand what they offer in terms of support, what services are included in your contract and how ...
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Topics: Technology Planning

How to Avoid Falling Victim to Cryptocurrency Scams

Kaitlin Schneider
On July 15, a small group of hackers gained access to 130 high-profile Twitter accounts, and they perpetuated a cryptocurrency scam via the social media platform. The group made off with 12.9 Bitcoin, which, as of the exchange rate at that time, equates to around $120,000.  
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Topics: Security Threats, Data Breach, Trends

4+ Tips to Securely Work from Home

Damon Hagerty
Since the COVID-19 virus arrived in our country, we’ve had to rethink our safety, but at the same time continue our professional lives.  Working from home became the “new normal”, and we’ve had to introduce ourselves to new technology to ensure our work habits are as similar and productive as they were at the job site.  Most larger organizations had remote desktop services and could provide technologies that smaller companies couldn’t compete with - until now.   
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Topics: Security Threats, Network Security