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2022 Cybersecurity Updates for Small Business

Damon Hagerty
It is no secret that 2021 was full of cyber-related incidents. From the Colonial Pipeline to a cream cheese shortage, cyber attacks hit hundreds of small and midsize businesses (SMBs), sometimes more than once. As a result, SMBs have to take extreme cyber security measures to keep their network safe.
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Topics: Staff Training, Data Breach, Network Security, Disaster Recovery

What to Put in a Ransomware Response Plan for Your Business

Angela Wight
Cybercriminals use ransomware to infect a network or desktop and lock or encrypt vital files and data until a ransom is paid. The ransom could be high and financially debilitate a business. More often than not, sensitive data isn’t released even after the ransom is paid. The only guaranteed result of paying a ransom is the cybercriminal receiving funds to keep harming other businesses.
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Topics: Staff Training, Security Threats, Outsourced IT, Disaster Recovery

Prevent Ransomware and Protect Your Business

Angela Wight
Ransomware is malware that infects a system or network and either locks the device or blocks off files until business owners pay a ransom. Ransomware and data breaches can be catastrophic to a business that doesn't take proper security measures and is vulnerable to attack. They are either crushed by the financial loss of downtime or by the permanent loss of confidential, sensitive data – data that could be sold on the dark web or used to harm customers and employees.
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Topics: Security Threats, Data Breach, IT Support, Disaster Recovery

Is Your Business Preparing for a Recession? 7 Technology Tips

Chris Vilim
According to the CNBC-SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey, more than 80% of small business owners expect a recession as interest rates rise to reduce inflation around the nation. Whether Omaha businesses experience a recession or not, we wanted to offer six valuable suggestions when you find yourself making decisions that impact your company and technology.
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The Cost of Ransomware is Higher Than You Think

CoreTech Staff
For small to midsize businesses, there is a lot to lose when ransomware successfully makes its way into your computer system or network. The financial loss alone could close a small business down. Organizations with fewer than 500 employees spend an average of nearly $3 million per incident, and about 60% of small companies close within six months of a successful attack. Unfortunately, other natural consequences come with cyber attacks. Omaha businesses need to be aware of the following:
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Topics: Security Threats, Data Breach, Disaster Recovery

IT Pros: Are You Testing Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Angela Wight
Yes, my business has a disaster recovery plan in place. Well did you know you’ve only got one shot to see it succeed when a disaster occurs? It’s best to make sure it works. Many small to midsize businesses have a disaster recovery plan in place. That’s great, however are you testing it to ensure that all the disaster response mechanisms work? Once a disaster recovery plan is in place, regular assessing and updating is important as business changes and processes change.
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Topics: Outsourced IT, Disaster Recovery