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Scalable Solutions for Credit Union Growth: A Guide for IT Support Partnerships

Managing a credit union in the Omaha and Lincoln areas is no small feat. It’s a complicated organization that provides critical resources to individuals and businesses. That’s to say nothing of regulatory oversight and the unique challenges that come with the financial services industry. These challenges extend to IT, and it’s particularly tough to ensure that your IT resources keep up with organization growth.
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What Is Technology Vendor and Asset Management?

When you explore companies to outsource some or all of your tech support, you’ll find services that you might not expect. Managed IT providers in and around Omaha do a lot more than fix computers, and understanding the full scope of services helps you get more from the time and money you spend on your technology. As an example, did you know that IT providers offer specialized services that specifically help you source computer hardware, research tech vendor services, and provide ongoing ...
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Guide to Managing Passwords: How to use a Password Manager

Cybersecurity is one of the scariest words in modern business, even in Omaha and Lincoln, NE. It feels mysterious and complicated, and to be fair, it is often both of those things. Even so, cybersecurity can realistically be simplified to specific tools and training. If you use good password practices, you eliminate the vast majority of security risks. It actually can be that easy, and it gets even easier when you utilize a password manager.
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How to Determine What Ransomware Payment Option is Best (Hint: None)

Unfortunately, ransomware attacks are now more common: Your business is hit by ransomware, and your valuable and sensitive data is locked by cyber criminals demanding an exorbitant ransom fee. You can’t afford to pay for it. But there's a twist now, some ransomware gangs are offering victims payment extension options.
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Topics: Cybersecurity

How to Set IT Policies and Procedures Employees Will Follow

We call businesses and companies “organizations.” It’s no coincidence that the term “organize” is baked into the name. The key to success for any business is keeping all of the team members organized. How do you do that? You outline policies and procedures that keep everyone on the same page and moving in the same direction. The real question, then, is how do you set policies and procedures that employees can successfully follow?
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Topics: Technology Planning, It Policies

Vulnerabilities, Exploits & Threats: How They Impact Your Business

A 2023 report by Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that midsize businesses spend about $826 to $653,587 on cybersecurity incidents. It further asserts that the costs of cyber crimes will reach an estimated $10.5 trillion by 2025. The constant increase in the cost of cyber attacks in business is a message for Chief Financial Officers to take adequate threat-detection measures so that their organization doesn't become victim to a security incident.
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Topics: Security Threats, Cybersecurity

How Do I Apply IT Support Automation to My Business?

What are the burning technology topics in your organization? Now that artificial intelligence (AI) has been delivered to the masses and has everyone talking, both automation and AI are gaining traction. Whether it be staff expecting technology to perform to get the job done, or the C-suite strategizing a new way to impact their customer base to deliver productivity and stickiness, we all have opportunities when it comes to leading automation endeavors. The IT department has a lot to offer their ...
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Topics: Outsourced IT, Artificial Intelligence

How AI is Transforming the Cybersecurity Landscape

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an exciting frontier for businesses and, unfortunately, hackers. It is considered a highly beneficial tool for humankind. However, like humans, AI has a light and dark side to the force since both cybersecurity experts and malicious actors use AI to benefit their objectives and work. While AI and machine learning algorithms significantly benefit midsize businesses, it is crucial for business leaders to know what is happening and how it impacts their business. A ...
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Topics: Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence

Ransomware Gangs: What Are They & How Do They Operate?

Ransomware is known to be one of the most potent cyber attacks that affect businesses of all sizes. While corporate networks and government organizations maintain stringent cybersecurity policies to discourage ransomware attacks, the attackers, ransomware gangs, have shifted their focus to small and medium-sized businesses. According to Ransomware Trends 2023, Q2 Report from Cyberint, there has been a significant surge in ransomware incidents in Q2 of 2023, a staggering 67% increase in ...
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Topics: Security Threats, Data Breach

How to Find the Best Omaha IT Service Provider for My Business

Finding the best IT service provider for your Omaha business is crucial. You want to feel confident that the provider you’re partnering with is someone who knows what you need, is proactive with suggestions, and maintains the expertise to optimize your business technology now and in the future. Are you a CEO, CFO, or Information Technology (IT) Manager about to embark on a search for an IT support provider in Omaha, Nebraska? We’ve gathered the best tips and questions you can apply throughout ...
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