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Vulnerabilities, Exploits & Threats: How They Impact Your Business

A 2023 report by Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that midsize businesses spend about $826 to $653,587 on cybersecurity incidents. It further asserts that the costs of cyber crimes will reach an estimated $10.5 trillion by 2025. The constant increase in the cost of cyber attacks in business is a message for Chief Financial Officers to take adequate threat-detection measures so that their organization doesn't become victim to a security incident.
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Ransomware Gangs: What Are They & How Do They Operate?

Ransomware is known to be one of the most potent cyber attacks that affect businesses of all sizes. While corporate networks and government organizations maintain stringent cybersecurity policies to discourage ransomware attacks, the attackers, ransomware gangs, have shifted their focus to small and medium-sized businesses. According to Ransomware Trends 2023, Q2 Report from Cyberint, there has been a significant surge in ransomware incidents in Q2 of 2023, a staggering 67% increase in ...
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How Your Business Can Detect and Manage Insider Threats

As an IT Manager, is it a struggle to implement preventative measures to detect, respond to, and mitigate insider threats? If they materialize, the insider threats can result in financial loss, reputational damage, legal and regulatory non-compliance, operational disruption, and negative impact on stakeholder, customer, and employee morale. Helping others in your organization realize the importance of preventing and managing insider threats and getting behind your process can be challenging. ...
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Learn the Basics: Employee Cybersecurity Training Courses (+ Advanced Ideas)

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Wait, DON’T CLICK that Link!

Phishing attacks continue to be one of the leading cyberattack methods targeting small businesses. With a cyberattack occurring every 36 seconds, hackers are relentlessly trying to steal your company or personal information. One of the ways they collect data is by providing you with a link to click. They are hoping you don’t know the signs and signals that the intent of their request is malicious.
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Fraudulent Accounts: Victims Losing Thousands on LinkedIn

With over 830 million members in 200 plus countries worldwide, LinkedIn is a great tool for business professionals to utilize. LinkedIn differs from its social media counterparts with its added ability to search and recruit for jobs, strengthen professional relationships, and pick up on tips colleagues have learned.
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Email Encryption 101: What it is, How it Works, & Why Your SMB Needs it

Email is one of the core connectors for both internal and external communication. Millions of emails are sent daily to update, inform, advertise, and more. But security measures, such as email encryption, must be instilled when the email contains confidential information.
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Exposing a Hackers Popular Tactic: the Brute Force Attack

Hackers continue to refine their intrusion techniques to create more sophisticated attacks. But they still use tried and true methods. One is a brute force attack, a trial-and-error hacking method to crack passwords, login credentials, and encryption keys. They systematically try or steal, different usernames and passwords until they log into the system correctly.
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Why Your Small Business is Not Prepared for a Cyber Attack

You have installed layered security systems, and created backups, onsite and offsite. You may have even hired the best Omaha IT professionals to monitor your security, and yet, your business is still at risk. How can this be? You may be thinking the answer is because of the constant sophistication of cyber-attacks, and you are not wrong about that. However, the greatest weakness and biggest risk to your small business IT security is your staff, the people who are in your system every day.
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What Industries are the Biggest Targets for Cyber Attacks?

Have you ever walked around feeling like there was a looming target on your back? Like someone’s waiting for you to make a wrong move?
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