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Wynn Obermeyer

Wynn Obermeyer
As Director of Technical Services, Wynn Obermeyer oversees three staff teams and keeps well informed on issues impacting Omaha Metro Area small and midsize businesses.
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Managed Backups: Why Your Business Needs Them

Your company’s data is important, and having adequate backups is a critical part of keeping that data protected. Whether it be a hardware failure or cyber attack, when disaster strikes, your business will come to a halt unless you have the proper plans and data backups in place. Managed backup solutions provided by a managed service provider (MSP) are one of the best ways to ensure that your organization has secure and reliable access to your data when the unexpected occurs.
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Topics: Cloud, Technology Planning

The Solution Your Mobile Workers Need: Mobile Device Management

In just the past few years, the way employees use mobile devices in the workplace has significantly shifted. The popularity of remote work options and the adoption of bring your own device (BYOD) programs have increased. Whether employees are using their own mobile device or a company-owned device, they can enjoy the flexibility and ease of working remotely, while employers benefit from increased productivity and efficiency. However, as more companies embrace employee mobility, they also need ...
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Topics: Trends, Network Security

5 Steps to Take If Your System Gets Hacked

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Topics: Staff Training, Security Threats, Data Breach, Network Security

How to Create an Acceptable Use Policy

While technology plays an important role in keeping your organization safe from data breaches, security risks, and other malicious online behavior, it can’t do all the work by itself. The most secure companies create a culture that includes risk management, where employees are invested in taking steps toward reducing incidents by minimizing risky behavior and working to protect their technology and data assets.
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Topics: Staff Training, The Workplace