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Has your organization ever been victim to a security attack?

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Cybersecurity attacks are a major concern for many types of organizations. They can:
  • Upend productivity
  • Create downtime
  • Impact the ability to serve customers
  • Delay file recovery
  • Result in stolen intellectual data

All of these scenarios can spell disaster for small to midsize businesses. Fortunately, there are a number of threat detection solutions your business can put in place to mitigate and prevent these, and other, security events from occurring.

What is Threat Detection?

Threat detection is the process by which cyber threats are discovered before they can cause harm to a computer system or network. By using threat detection applications, tools, and equipment that identify threats and alert IT security managers of potentially dangerous activity, businesses can help protect sensitive data and computer networks from a cyber attack or incident.

Modern security teams and solutions use behavior analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to indicate whether a threat is on the network or system. An alert is then generated for a security team member to investigate, and, in some instances, the security tool responds automatically.

Hackers often gain access to critical infrastructure months before their full-scale attack. However, proper threat intelligence systems can mitigate threats before they cause irreparable damage. At CoreTech, we offer a number of threat detection solutions that provide multi-layered protection for your network and systems.


Comprehensive Threat Detection Solutions

CoreTech’s security solutions are at the center of our approach to threat detection. We’ve comprehensively vetted, reviewed, and selected a set of tools that offer our small and midsize clients the best threat protection available to keep their sensitive information and business technology systems safe.

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Advanced Endpoint Detection

Are you still using the same antivirus protection you used five years ago?

If you haven’t modernized your business with Advanced Endpoint Protection, you are missing a key tool in your threat detection arsenal. CoreTech's Advanced Endpoint Detection solution monitors each computer and uses AI to scan for behavioral characteristics that could signify threats to the system.

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CoreCare | Detector

CoreCare | Detector is a security event monitoring tool that looks for anomalies in a system’s general activity to find threats on your network. The tool learns normal network behavior and alerts security managers of potential threats such as:

  • Users logging into the system at unusual times
  • Users logging into the system using different computers
  • Newly added devices
  • Altered or escalated user credentials and permissions

End-User Awareness & Education

CoreTech comprehensively approaches cyber security for small and mid-sized businesses in Omaha and Lincoln, NE. We encourage our clients to promote end-user awareness and education within their threat detection strategy. Our tools help you educate and train employees to spot potential threats in their email and web interfaces before they wreak havoc. Our cyber security training programs emphasize topics such as phishing and social engineering awareness to help protect your company and promote a culture of cyber safety in the workplace.

Security Information Event Management (SIEM)

CoreTech's Security Information Event Management (SIEM) tool is designed for organizations that are considered at a high risk for data breaches (financial, healthcare, etc.)

SIEM accesses complex information across different systems and correlates the activity to alert security managers about potential issues that may otherwise avoid detection.

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CoreProtect Firewall

A firewall monitors and manages both inbound and outbound data, while also regulating end-user Internet access. It guards against viruses, malware, and other dangerous system intrusions. If a client’s firewall sends an alert, CoreTech’s team reacts promptly to address it and ensure your organization’s security.


Dark Web Monitoring

With a Dark Web Monitoring tool in place, your organization will be notified about any company user credentials and company data that have been compromised and are now available on the dark web. You then are able to change those credentials before they are sold and exploited.


CoreTech's Threat Detection Capabilities

CoreTech helps clients detect and mitigate threats by leveraging proven, layered security systems. Our team continuously stays up to date on the current threat landscape and next-level threats. We offer the following capabilities:

  • Best in Class Tools

    We evaluate and select the best tools that offer small and midsize businesses the layered threat protection they need.
  • Continuing Education

    CoreTech is committed to maintaining our expertise in the IT security landscape. We constantly educate ourselves on the latest threats, tools, trends, and solutions by attending conferences, sharing information with peers, and partnering with trusted security vendors. In this way, CoreTech is able to provide the best tools and resources available to our Omaha area clients.
  • Enhanced Alert Accuracy

    CoreTech works directly with security operations centers (SOCs) to cultivate a depth of understanding about our clients’ standard activity, enabling us to differentiate between alerts that signify potentially hazardous activity and those that do not. This collaborative effort helps your business stay productive by eliminating downtime for non-issues.
  • Configuration Expertise

    When it comes to technology, only a small piece of a solution’s effectiveness is based on the product itself. The majority comes from the configuration and implementation of that solution.

    CoreTech customizes each system for every client, ensuring that solutions are fully effective and optimized for their specific needs. Cybersecurity isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, so we address multiple variables specific to your business before enabling threat detection precisely where it is needed.
  • Incident Response Plans

    CoreTech has an established incident response plan because we know the importance of proactive IT security strategies. Where does your business stand? Whether you need an Incident Response Plan or just want to be certain everything is covered, CoreTech experts are here to help. With today’s ever-evolving array of cybersecurity threats, the mere ability to detect them is no longer enough, so your business needs a plan in place.

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