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Whether you’re thinking of migrating to the cloud, establishing your business’s long-term plan, or implementing brand-new technology, a major tech objective takes detailed planning. Without a project plan to follow, businesses may run into problems during rollout, including network interruptions, lost data, or reduced productivity.

Before taking on any major tech objective, it is important to conduct a comprehensive technology assessment that includes security measures and a system analysis to understand how well your current systems are working and where improvements could be made. This assessment should also mitigate risks associated with security, system integration, and system security.

IT Consulting in Omaha and Lincoln, NE

We are a locally-owned and operated IT consulting firm in Omaha and Lincoln, NE that can help your organization navigate the challenges of information technology. We provide managed IT services, consulting services, and disaster recovery services to help your business grow efficiently and effectively. Our IT consultants on top of emerging trends and best practices, including artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, so you don’t have to.

We’ll work with you to determine exactly what you need to accomplish your business goals and help you create a technology roadmap so you can implement future upgrades according to your needs and budget over time. Our consulting services include backup and recovery and business continuity planning to help reduce risk and ensure that your organizational structure is protected from potential security risks.

Experience You Can Trust

Our experienced IT experts can assist you in leveraging the latest innovations to keep up with — or outpace — your competitors. We provide a comprehensive technology assessment that includes security measures to ensure that your organization is protected from potential security risks. We also provide disaster recovery services to help mitigate risks associated with system integration and system security.

At CoreTech, we understand the importance of aligning technology with business goals. Our services are designed to help you reduce risk, increase efficiency, and achieve sustainable business growth. 

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With new tech coming out every day, it’s not always easy to keep up with the latest updates and upgrades. If you want to lead the way in your industry, you need streamlined, cutting-edge solutions from a collaborative team that puts your business goals first.

CoreTech’s expert staff are here to support you when it’s time to carry out your next big IT initiative. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your systems, integrate new technology, or simply understand where you need to go next, our experts will keep you competitive and efficient.

CoreTech’s IT consulting services include expert advice on upgrading systems as well as project planning, technology roadmapping, budgeting, compliance, custom security and recovery solutions, and IT analysis recommendations.

We’ll examine your current business systems and processes to help you make improvements that will benefit your business. Is your business:

  • Hoping to accomplish a major technology objective in the near future?
  • Planning a large integration, implementation, or upgrade?
  • Trying to understand how you can improve current networks, systems, security, or other technology?
  • Struggling to stay competitive?
  • Looking for ways to improve business productivity and connectivity?
  • Trying to plan for upcoming technology expenses?

 If you answered yes, let us help you achieve your goals and overcome any obstacles.

Reach out to CoreTech today to learn more about our IT consulting services for businesses in the Omaha and Lincoln, NE area and make your technology goals a reality.

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Strategic Planning

Our experts are ready to help you align your technology with your business objectives, ensuring that you’re on the right path to accomplish your goals. Our team works hard to stay current with the latest solutions and strives to truly understand your business processes, needs, and aspirations.

We’ll also introduce any emerging technology that can get you where you need to be. In addition, our expert staff can work with you to set up and, if necessary, implement a disaster recovery plan in the event of a natural disaster or security breach, saving you valuable time as you get back up and running.

Project Design

CoreTech's expert staff will assist you with planning, acquiring equipment, systems design, and project implementation.

We will help you organize technology projects so there are minimal interruptions to your organization's workflow and team productivity.

IT Assessments
Our expert consultants can point out potential issues and identify areas for improvement. These recommendations help our Omaha clients avoid downtime, poor performance, security vulnerabilities, and other issues that can seriously impact productivity and technology spending. Our range of solutions includes virtual servers to increase your ability for remote work as well as updated firewalls to enhance security for both your network and your data. We’ll also help you standardize existing systems for top-tier performance.

Whatever your field of business, CoreTech’s experienced IT consultants can analyze your network to ensure that your systems meet industry guidelines and regulations.

Our team maintains outstanding IT security credentials and stays ahead of the latest changes so we can ensure that your systems are always compliant.

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