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Better Business Phone Systems for Omaha Businesses

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Feeling limited by your current phone system? Hoping to leverage more advanced features and system integrations than your landline allows? Trying to coordinate the communication needs of a mobile or geographically dispersed workforce?

CoreTech’s voice and business phone services will help.

It’s important for Omaha businesses to stay in communication with clients, vendors, and staff, whether you’re working at your desk or halfway around the globe.

  • Modern business phone systems allow you to take your office phone wherever you need to go.
  • Smartphone integrations turn your cell into a workstation handset, allowing you to forward calls to another phone, check your voicemail from your email, and more.
  • With a VoIP network, you and your remote workforce are always connected, from any location or while working on the road.
  • Our business phone experts can point you to systems perfect for your Omaha business’s unique communication needs.



The Right Phone System with the Right Features

As with all technology, today’s business phone systems are much more sophisticated than those of the past. New business phone systems connected to a landline offer a wealth of functions to maximize your business operations. 

From linking your office phone number and extension to your mobile device, to sending voicemails as text transcriptions to your email, to recording phone conversations for playback, today’s business phone systems can keep your small business in Omaha on top of all communications. 

If you want to take your small business communications to the next level, you can convert to a unified communications setup for your business phone system. With unified communications, we can connect all your communication platforms, including chat, voicemail, email, and web conferencing, for a more streamlined, efficient workday.

On the administration side, advanced management platforms give you the power to create new users, manage privileges, and access reports easily and effectively. If you don’t want to have to worry about it, we’ll handle all the business phone system management and administration for you. Regardless of what you need done or the level of support you require for your phone system, CoreTech has your small business covered.

CoreTech’s cloud voice over IP (VoIP) phone services in Omaha allow you to leverage the power of the digital world, routing calls over the internet rather than traditional landline. With the help of features like call forwarding, call waiting, voice mail, caller ID, conference calling, and more, you can enjoy a top-tier phone service without incurring extra fees.

For Omaha businesses that prefer to house their phone systems in their facility, our on-premise managed PBX systems allow you to oversee the back end of your business phone system. You’ll be able to configure your phone server for better control over your network. Our team will help you implement PBX features and evaluate your existing phone infrastructure. We’ll even take on administration and maintenance: everything you need for better business communication.

Regardless of which business phone system you choose for your small business in Omaha, you can scale up or down as needed for your business operations and goals.

Unified Communications

CoreTech’s experts will advise you on how to get the most out of your business phone system. With unified communications integrations, we can turn your Omaha business phone into a complete communication hub - all at your small business' same phone number.

UC platforms allow you to tie together video and audio conferencing, email, voicemail, calling, and chat so you can communicate in the most convenient way at any time for your small business.

Want your voicemail messages converted into text? Initiate a phone call from your desktop — even when you’re away from your office? You can even use UC to replace conventional phone systems with a landline altogether, for a simple, streamlined communications system.

Cloud-Hosted Phones

With cloud-hosted phone services, your VoIP network can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, making it the perfect option for multi-location businesses, remote workers, and your Omaha team members who are frequently on the road.

You’ll also avoid the cost of an on-premise phone server. With the cloud, you have the option of having a desktop business phone, using an app through your mobile device, using your computer with a headset, or all of the above. Yet your customers will still reach you through your same phone number.

On-Premise Phone Systems

Choosing to place your business phone system on-site gives you more control over its configuration. But you don’t have to manage on-premise phone systems on your own.

Our team will make sure you have the features you need for your small business in Omaha and configure wiring and hardware for optimal performance, ideal call quality, and network operability.

And of course, if you opt for our managed care packages, we’ll make sure they stay that way.

Voice & Data Cabling

Learn how a well-structured voice and data cabling installation can optimize your business performance and reduce your downtime from IT network and phone system troubleshooting. 

Cable planning, design, and installation, if done correctly, contribute to optimized performance and quicker IT network and phone system troubleshooting — minimizing downtime for your small business. 


The Best Phone Systems, Managed by Experts

At CoreTech, we want to make phone communications as simple and intuitive as an in-person conversation. That’s why we strive to bring our clients the best business phone systems in Omaha, coupled with top-tier managed services from our team of qualified technical professionals. Your business phone system is about to get better!

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