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Expand Your Business Resources with the Cloud

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Chances are that your company is using one, if not many, cloud computing resources to get the job done.

The explosion of resources available to small and midsize businesses is one we’ve tapped for our own business and one we recommend to clients — but only if it makes sense with their business goals and what they want to accomplish.

As you engage CoreTech, you will find that we ask questions to learn more about your business operations, staff, and vision.  Our experts consider options for on-premise, hybrid, or off-premise, cloud-based solutions to help meet your business goals and budget.

Without a doubt, cloud solutions have reshaped our productivity and how we access resources, in particular giving SMBs the tools they need to compete.

As your Omaha technology solutions provider, we are here to help you tap the cloud resources you need.


What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the delivery of technology resources and services through the internet. This includes servers, databases, storage, networking, applications, analytics, and more. You pay for what you use and, as a small business, have just as many resources to take advantage of as enterprise businesses do.

The cost of cloud resources is presented as a monthly, quarterly, or yearly fee versus the previous capital expense when acquiring hardware and applications to set up your business technology.

Should Your Business Be in the Cloud?

It's Time to Move Your Business to the Cloud

Cloud Backups
Avoid the pitfalls of a network event. CoreTech’s cloud backup services allow you to access saved data in case of a cyber security hack, accidental deletion, and more.
Cloud Hosting
Cloud-hosted servers and hosted phone systems bring all the benefits of the cloud to all of your business applications.
Cloud Security
With our Omaha-based team of cybersecurity professionals managing your online assets, migrating to the cloud doesn’t mean compromising your organization’s security.
Cloud Storage
Harness the flexibility of the cloud, safely store files, and enable your mobile workforce with our cloud storage options.

How Do Cloud Services Benefit My Business?

  • Protection: There’s a reason why businesses of all sizes and industries are using cloud services. With cloud computing, providers generally implement strong security tools and processes to keep your data safe, even more so than you could do on your own. If you need to meet specific compliance requirements, then you will definitely want to consider cloud computing vendors, many of which meet the most stringent criteria.
  • Mobility: Whether you’re at home, in the office, or at your favorite coffee shop, you can feel confident about getting your work done without complication. The cloud is also a tool to communicate and strengthen your relationships with customers. When you’re with a client, you can simply pull out your tablet or laptop to access any helpful data or files, no matter where you are.
  • Scalability: If you’re a small Omaha area startup or a company that experiences seasonal work, you don’t want your resources to be limited by your current needs. Cloud computing gives you the opportunity to expand or contract your resources as your workload fluctuates, without any interruption or expensive changes.
  • Operational costs: Unlike traditional computing methods, when you use cloud computing resources, you pay for what you need, and you can adjust as necessary. Costs are typically a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee. For example, easily add or remove users on your accounts and only pay for what you’re subscribed to. A cloud-managed service also greatly reduces equipment costs and the need for internal network equipment and maintenance.
  • Enhanced performance: Large cloud computing vendors maintain considerable resources to keep their infrastructure secure, fast, and efficient. This offers small and midsize businesses upgraded technology while spreading out the costs to many users of the service. It's a great benefit, compared to what you would have to maintain at your own expense and time.

Cloud Solutions from CoreTech

Our cloud services are strategically designed to support the unique needs and goals of your growing Omaha business — no matter what industry you’re in. Our expert staff is here to help you leverage the cloud for an IT infrastructure that is more responsive, streamlined, and scalable.

Let us help you implement, manage, and protect your data and resources in the cloud, so that you can focus on running your business.

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