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Cybersecurity Awareness Training Is Critical for Your SMB

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Did you know that 62 percent of all cyber attacks are carried out on SMBs? 

It’s a scary fact, and even worse, 60 percent of small companies go out of business within six months of a cyber attack.

So how can you make sure your small to midsize business is safe from the different types of cyberattacks including viruses, malware, social engineering, and more that all pose a critical risk to your business networks and systems?

The implementation of anti-virus software, firewalls, and email filters is the first step in protecting your business from a cyber security attack.

But another critical component that is often overlooked is your staff.

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The Key to Safeguarding Your Business: Omaha Cybersecurity Training for Employees

Whether it’s visiting an infected website, clicking on phishing emails, or not using secure passwords, there are many ways your employees can expose your business to a network security breach.

It only takes one click on the wrong email to infect your entire network — making your unsuspecting employees the greatest vulnerability to your data security.

When you invest in CoreTech’s Omaha cybersecurity staff training, your employees become another opportunity to stop a debilitating attack before it starts. The cyber security professionals at CoreTech are here to arm your staff with the skills and knowledge to prevent a data breach, giving you peace of mind for your business.

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Cybersecurity Training Reduces Threats to Your Business

Our innovative training is designed to prepare your team for even the most sophisticated cybersecurity attacks.

After all, hackers will often impersonate trusted and reputable sites or organizations to trick your employees into unintentionally sharing passwords or other important information. They’re also capable of deceiving end users into clicking links or entering websites that automatically install malware. This can give an attacker access to your entire network — and in the worst case, shut down your business entirely.

That’s why CoreTech CoreTech's cybersecurity training is more than just a checklist of tips to memorize. Through online education and real-world phishing simulations, your staff will develop a complete understanding of how to identify and avoid even the most threatening disruptions to your business. Our comprehensive training includes:

  • General cyber safety and corporate procedures for IT security
  • Phishing email simulations
  • Malware awareness
  • Safe Wi-Fi practices (for working remotely)
  • Social engineering traps
  • Password security and best practices
  • Desktop and mobile device security
  • Phishing and vishing awareness


When you consider how critically a data breach can harm your company — through wasted downtime, financial loss, and even damage to your reputation — it’s clear that cyber security training for your staff isn’t an option; it’s a requirement.

When you’re proactive and prepared for the worst, you’re investing in the future of your Omaha business.

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