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Are you receiving the greatest value for your business from your IT infrastructure? Do you know what’s coming up on the horizon when looking at updating your IT budget? Do your organization’s goal-setting and planning occur at the same time as your IT planning?

Many business owners look forward to this type of planning and budgeting but simply don’t have the resources to make it happen. That’s where the CoreTech team can help.

Not only do we assist local Omaha businesses with IT infrastructure planning and design for specific projects, but our experts will also help you plan and budget according to the goals you have for your future.

Consider our CoreCare | Critical managed services to take advantage of our Strategic Business Reviews, which help you plan, update that plan, and create an annual budget.

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How Do Planning and Design Services Benefit Your Business?

Many businesses rely on ad hoc additions to their networks and systems to accomplish their technology objectives. But designing a network in that manner is a bit like building a home one room at a time with no blueprint. Here at CoreTech, we want all your technology to work together for satisfactory performance, strong security, and a competitive edge for your Omaha business.

We’ll help you:

  • Reconfigure networks for better performance and reduced maintenance
  • Assess network security and recommend tools for improved protection
  • Help you decide where to invest your technology budget to meet your business objectives
  • Plan system designs to support updates and growth
  • Ensure that networks and other IT systems adhere to best practices and industry regulations
  • Build disaster recovery and business continuity plans

Get in touch today to learn how your business can take advantage of top-tier system design and comprehensive planning in Omaha.


Benefits of Planning and Design


Professionally designed systems allow you to maximize the efficiency of your network. We can help you minimize downtime and interruptions, as well as reduce the need for constant maintenance, allowing your business to work with better all-around efficiency.


Keeping your data, network, and other systems secure is essential in avoiding costly and damaging breaches or leaks. Our network planning services will help you secure your systems from end to end.


Infrastructure planning sets up your business for success. Building a good foundation with your infrastructure streamlines the process of making future updates and changes.


CoreTech’s team can help you configure backups and redundancies to protect data during a disaster. We can help you create disaster recovery and business continuity plans so that if the worst happens, your business is equipped to handle it and continue on.

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