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IT Security Is Critical for SMBs

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Cyber Security - Omaha & Lincoln, NE

Risk assessment and management are critical to ensuring the security of your business network. Because your network is made up of many different systems and components and is constantly interacting with other services and applications, it can be open to breaches if left unsecured. That's why it's important to have a comprehensive security strategy in place that includes endpoint security, network security, information security, intrusion detection, and cybersecurity services.

Protect Your Business with Managed Security Services

At CoreTech, we are your trusted cybersecurity company located in Omaha, NE, offering a range of cybersecurity services to help keep Lincoln and Omaha businesses protected. We help protect businesses of all sizes with comprehensive information security services including penetration tests, security assessments, and incident response. 

Partnering with CoreTech for cybersecurity consulting services provides you with a trusted advisor who can help manage cyber risk, reduce threats, and implement effective security monitoring and access controls. We implement threat intelligence and other advanced tools and techniques to identify and mitigate risks to your network. Have your security controls fallen behind? Ongoing management services delivered by our CoreTech team are vital to ensure your cyber threat detection and response, and security strategy remains up-to-date and operating 24/7/365.

Take the First Step in Transforming Your Cybersecurity Program with CoreTech

We understand that every business has unique security needs, which is why we work with you to develop a tailored cybersecurity strategy that protects your sensitive data and reduces the risk of a cyber attack. 

With CoreTech's integrated, layered IT security solutions, you can rest assured that your network is protected from cyber threats. Don't wait until it's too late. All it takes is one click on a harmful phishing email and your entire network, the very foundation of your business's operation, could come crumbling down. 

Connect with our IT security services team to learn more about our cybersecurity service offerings and get started today.

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CoreTech is proud to announce that we have earned the CompTIA Security Trustmark+!

Holistic IT Security Solutions

Security Solutions

Our end-to-end security and disaster recovery solutions offer top-tier protection from cyber security events, data loss, network outages, and more.

Cybersecurity Training
Educating team members to avoid cyber security threats is one of the best ways to protect your business. Our staff offers comprehensive, ongoing training for team members to keep your assets safe.
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Protect Your Network with Layered IT and Computer Security Services

To ensure that the infrastructure of your business is safe from attack, it’s crucial to implement multiple layers of defense. Previously, you may have been able to simply maintain a firewall and antivirus software to keep hackers at arm's length. But now, more layers of security software and equipment are required in order to keep malware and cyber criminals from gaining access to your networks and data.

When you partner with our expert team at CoreTech, you can be confident your network is securely set up based on a strategy and multilayered plan of protection.

We provide 24/7 network security so that you can focus on managing your Omaha business. By constantly monitoring your network, systems, and data, we can track any out-of-character operations, giving us the greatest chance of keeping your business safe from debilitating attacks.


Reduce Security Threats to Your Business with CoreTech

  • IT security assessments: We’ll evaluate your current network and review your business goals to create a strategic defense plan that doubles down on securing your network and its data.
  • Remote network monitoring across wired and wireless networks: We provide 24/7 monitoring and maintenance for servers, devices, and PCs so that we can resolve any issues as soon as they occur — even after hours.
  • Data backup: Our data backup service includes off-site backup, “instant failover,” and backup verification.
  • Cybersecurity business protection: Learn how staff training can keep your business safe from the threats of viruses, malware, and social engineering.
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Layered Security Solutions

We prioritize security planning and employ a layered security approach to safeguard your sensitive information. We ensure data protection and mitigate cyber threats by implementing a comprehensive security strategy, including cloud-based solutions.

Access control mechanisms are employed to restrict unauthorized access and reinforce our line of defense. We stay vigilant against ransomware and phishing attacks, continuously monitoring and updating our security measures.

Rest assured that your data is kept secure and protected with our layered security solutions.

Our multistep process ensures that your network is secure on various levels, including:

System Level
Basic system security
Network Level
For your server and other network systems
Application Level
For all associated software applications
Transmission Level
To protect your data as it transmits across networks

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Information Security - Omaha & Lincoln, NE

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