IT Security Scorecard LP (1900 × 350 px)

Are essential systems and data safe at your organization? It's easy to find out.

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Your scorecard covers 4 critical IT security considerations:

  1. Passwords and Access
  2. Plans, Policies, and Procedures
  3. Systems and Device Management
  4. Data Security and Backup

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Passwords and Access

Evaluate your organization's:

  • Risk management framework
  • Cyber security training
  • Resource management

Plans, Policies, and Procedures


Evaluate your organization's:

  • Cyber security assessment
  • Incident response plans and business continuity plans
  • Policy enforcement

Systems and Device Management

Evaluate your organization's:

  • Monitoring and alerts
  • Network and application filters
  • Critical updates

Data Security and Backup


Evaluate your organization's:

  • Data access
  • Encryption
  • Backups

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