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Hybrid Cloud Services

Hybrid Cloud Services Offer the Best of Both Onsite and Virtual IT Solutions


Many business owners often ask us if a cloud solution or an on-premise solution is right for their organization. The answer isn't always that simple. Both types of solutions have their pros and cons, and an optimal configuration will depend on your business needs and goals.

For instance, if you are storing and accessing very large files, need to rely on legacy applications or simply prefer to use a local network, the cloud itself may not be the best option for your business.

And, if you would like to allow your team members to work remotely, share documents freely, or reap the benefits of automatically updated features and security patches, a strictly on-premise solution might not be right for you, either.

Hybrid cloud solutions offer the best of both on-premise solutions and the cloud. You can take advantage of the cloud for certain portions of your business operations while managing some tasks through an onsite server.

CoreTech's expert team can evaluate your existing technology and determine if a hybrid system is right for you--and we can help decide what solutions would provide the best fit and maximum return on investment for your business.


Custom Solutions

With a hybrid cloud platform, we can put together customized solutions tailored to your business needs. We are here to help you optimize your workflow and provide services and tools that will best meet your needs.

We look at which pieces and processes are better served onsite or in the cloud to run your business, and build a hybrid cloud infrastructure using that information. And we’ll help you leverage cloud applications, email services, storage and other technologies that may help you streamline workloads.


Consulting and Planning

Do you need to change how your data and applications are hosted or stored? Our experts can not only help you evaluate what processes are better supported by the cloud. In addition we offer planning and project solutions when businesses are implementing large migrations and updates.

We’ll help you plan upgrades and updates so you can avoid downtime, interruptions and loss of productivity. And we’ll help you sketch out a roadmap for future integrations as well.

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CoreTech’s Hybrid Cloud Support and Services

Onsite Server/Cloud Support

When considering a hybrid cloud infrastructure, it’s crucial to understand the different maintenance and security needs of the server you choose. In some instances, the security, upkeep and protection of data becomes less of an issue thanks to the inherent capabilities and settings of a hybrid cloud platform. This even includes compliance for sensitive data such as healthcare information.

We have to apply compliance requirements to every location where you run applications or process or store data. Moving to a hybrid cloud environment can actually improve compliance with regulations, because the providers you utilize may have compliance requirements already incorporated. It’s just a matter of taking advantage of those settings to ensure your own compliance. This can provide cost- and time-savings for your business.

Private Hosting and Colocation Services

We offer a broad range of hybrid server options, including private hosting and colocation services for our clients. This allows clients to have some of the benefits of the cloud without losing control over their IT solutions. We can truly determine which is best, serving as an impartial advocate for your business.

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At CoreTech, we utilize the technology we recommend for our clients ourselves, so we understand how it works and how it would best serve their needs. This aids our expert team in finding hybrid cloud solutions that are the right fit to achieve your business goals.

To see how CoreTech can help customize hybrid cloud computing services for your business, contact us today for a free consultation.

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