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Managed IT Services
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In today's technology-driven world, even a minor issue with your computer systems or technology infrastructure can significantly impact your business processes. In the case of more severe threats like cyber attacks, the entire organization can be at risk if cybersecurity tools and disaster recovery solutions are not in place. 

That's why it's crucial to have a holistic approach to the health of your technical infrastructure. Proactively fix problems to avoid them altogether and address the ones that do occur, quickly. A managed service provider (MSP) like CoreTech can help!

Partner with a Trusted Managed Service Provider

At CoreTech, we offer managed IT services including network monitoring and management of equipment, remote monitoring and management of servers, and more. Medium-sized businesses like yours can then focus on projects and initiatives that impact the bottom line.

As a leading managed service provider in Omaha and Lincoln, we specialize in information technology management, information security, and cloud services. For the past twenty years, our service offerings have assisted midsize businesses to streamline their day-to-day operations and enhance their technology systems with our strategic consulting. Our experts are deploying cloud-based solutions - Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platforms as a Service (PaaS).

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What’s Included in your CoreCare plan?

core-care-basic core-care-critical
Proactive Services
Proactive System Monitoring active-icon active-icon
Preventative Maintenance active-icon active-icon
Remote Software Updates for Windows and Key 3rd-Party Applications active-icon active-icon
Managed Endpoint Protection active-icon active-icon
Support Services
Unlimited Helpdesk/ Remote Support Billed Hourly active-icon
Unlimited On-Site Support Billed Hourly active-icon
24/7 Emergency Support Billed Hourly active-icon
Line of Business Application Support Billed Hourly active-icon
Loaner Equipment Access active-icon
Priority Response & Service Level Agreement active-icon
Strategic Services
Vendor Management Billed Hourly active-icon
System Inventory Reports active-icon active-icon
Annual IT Roadmap Session active-icon active-icon
Annual IT Budgeting active-icon
Strategic Business Reviews active-icon
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We Can Manage It All

Rest easy with CoreTech’s comprehensive suite of services. From hardware and software updates, to outsourced it support, to the latest in cyber security and more, we’re here to help your staff get the very best technical support and IT network performance and protection.

Data Backups
With our comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plans, you can rest easy that your data is protected and your daily operations will run smoothly in the event of an emergency.
Equipment failure or a network outage is never a good thing — but with our network monitoring system, you can manage your IT operations and prevent disruptions to your organization.
IT Consulting
Let us help you with your IT challenges. From upgrading systems and project planning to budgeting and compliance, we’ll create an IT roadmap to set up your Omaha company for success.
Cloud Computing
Enabling your workforce to work anywhere, from the next cubicle to the next town, is essential. With virtual servers and cloud storage, you can keep your staff connected at all times, knowing your network and data are secure.
IT Help Desk
Got IT questions? We’ve got answers. From frontline experts to network engineers, our local managed IT services team focuses on keeping your organization running smoothly every day.
Network Support
Rest easy knowing that your network is secure and fast enough to rely on day in and day out, so your company can thrive without disruption.
Planning & Design
Need help with IT infrastructure planning and design for specific projects? We’re here to help you build better networks and develop a roadmap for your organization’s technology future.
Vendor Management
When you’ve got a company to run, juggling vendors is an inefficient way to spend your time. Learn how CoreTech’s IT vendor management services can help.
Voice & Data Cabling
Learn how a well-structured voice & data cabling installation can optimize your company performance and reduce your downtime from IT network and phone system troubleshooting.

Compare Managed Service Providers

Download Your Comprehensive MSP Comparison Workbook

CoreTech designed this free resource to help guide your search for a managed service provider in Omaha and Lincoln that matches your organization's needs.

Inside, over 50 insightful questions help you align with a prospective MSP along key points involving:

  • Service agreements
  • Quality of service
  • The MSP's reputation

When you finally find the right managed service provider, it can be a complete game changer.

Get Your Workbook

Thinking about partnering with an outsourced IT service provider in Omaha or Lincoln, NE?

The life of your IT systems and networks depends on proper maintenance and management, and you want a proactive IT partner in your corner when it comes to your business technology.  

An outsourced IT service provider will get your team back to doing what they do best instead of working on IT issues, and with an array of services, CoreTech will focus their efforts on making your business IT effective and competitive. 

Learn More about IT Outsourcing


Plan Ahead: What’s Coming Up for Your Office Space?

We stay on top of new innovations and technologies so you don’t have to.

Managed Services You Can Trust

Think of us as your own internal IT department. We take full responsibility for all your technical needs, diligently monitoring and maintaining your network so that you can focus on running your business instead of its technology.

When you sign a managed services contract with CoreTech for IT support in Omaha or Lincoln, NE your company will benefit from less downtime and improved network security.

Our vigilance and reliable communication demonstrate our dedication to prioritizing the unique needs of your organization.

We’re proud of our average two-minute response to emergency tickets! With CoreTech managed security services, you can go about your day without the burden of interruption.

IT Support to Keep You Competitive

We’re more than just a managed IT service provider in the Omaha and Lincoln, NE area. When you partner with our expert team, we become an integrated part of your business.

As technology consultants, we also have a vested interest in strengthening your company through strategic IT decisions.

We’ll advise you through cloud solutions and new technologies to increase your competitive edge in your industry.

When you collaborate with CoreTech, you’re investing in the security and the future of your organization. Our managed services contracts offer comprehensive support and innovative solutions for a more connected tomorrow.


Managed Services to Fit Your Needs

CoreTech offers two customizable managed services plans for mid-size business in the Omaha and Lincoln area.

  • For simple needs, our CoreCare | Basic plan covers all the essentials, from 24/7/365 server, network, and PC monitoring and updates to patches and endpoint security.
  • For more complex needs or a more hands-on approach, our
    CoreCare | Critical plan is for you; it features all the essentials of the CoreCare | Basic plan, but with unlimited IT helpdesk support, priority response, strategic business reviews for alignment of your business strategy and IT needs, and more!
  • Need a custom IT solution? Our IT consultants in Omaha and Lincoln, NE are here to help you tackle any project. Engage our consulting services at any time and get expert advice, guidance, and support for streamlined, worry-free IT initiatives. Whether you need to upgrade existing hardware and infrastructure, build comprehensive disaster recovery plans, or simply understand how you can stay competitive, we can help.
  • Let us take on the responsibility of maintaining and securing your technology so you can focus on running your company with more peace of mind.
  • You’ll have a dedicated IT team on call to help streamline your daily operations and guide your long-term business strategy challenges and decisions.
  • Both plans feature a reliable monthly pricing schedule, which will help you save costs on traditional in-house IT as well as invest in a more successful future for your business.
Download the Entire Pricing & Services Sheet
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