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There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for business phone systems; every business has its own unique needs and communication requirements.

Our team at CoreTech provides a range of different phone system options, including on-premise PBX, tailored to meet the requirements of any organization.

CoreTech’s managed PBX services in Omaha allow businesses to take control of their phone system. All hardware and associated infrastructure is housed at your location, so you aren’t relying on an external provider to host your system.

For organizations that don’t have a large distributed workforce, the cost savings associated with on-site PBX may outweigh the alternatives, without compromising system functionality or quality.


On-Site Doesn’t Mean “On Your Own”

When you entrust CoreTech to manage your on-premise PBX system, you hand over the technical work of configuring and maintaining your phone system to a team of qualified experts.

Our team members will help you manage, upgrade, and troubleshoot any problems with your on-site business phone system. We can also coordinate with local Omaha-area phone system carriers to ensure you’re getting cost-effective, quality phone service.

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How Can Our Managed PBX Services Help You?

Whether you’re looking for a simple on-premise phone system or one with unique features specifically designed to integrate into the way you do business, CoreTech will help you achieve your objectives. Here are some situations that may indicate a managed PBX is for you.

Do you:

  • Work out of a single-site facility?
  • Conduct most all of your business on-site (no remote or mobile workers)?
  • Need help integrating or choosing features like three-way calling or call routing?
  • Struggle to keep phone systems up to date?
  • Feel like your team doesn’t have the time or adequate training to properly manage your phone system?
  • Regularly face internet connection issues?
  • Only need the basics?

Sound familiar? Get in touch today to learn more about how CoreTech can design a phone system that works for you.

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Cost Savings

For some businesses, it makes sense to spend more upfront on equipment and an initial installation than to distribute that cost into a monthly payment with a cloud solution.

Managed PBX systems let you avoid the monthly expense of an external hosting service, which may offer good savings over time.

More Control

When you host your business phone system on-site, you have complete control over your data, configuration, and features.

You’ll own your phone system equipment, so you will have the freedom to set it up to achieve your business and communication goals.

Expert Assistance

Simply because you decide to host phone systems in-house doesn’t mean that you have to manage it by yourself.

With our managed PBX services, you have a team of pros at your disposal to help you implement features, perform upgrades, and troubleshoot problems. See our Toshiba Support page for our Toshiba end-of-life services.

Internal Continuity

Placing your phone system off-site can put additional strain on an already overtaxed internet connection.

A managed Omaha PBX system allows you to maintain internal calling functionality even when the internet goes down.

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CoreTech’s team wants to learn all about your Omaha, Nebraska, business and its communication needs. We will design a custom system built to meet your requirements — a phone system that’s every bit as unique as your business.

If you’re ready for better business phone offerings, click or call now to speak to one of our experts.

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