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Nothing can inspire panic like a phone system that unexpectedly fails, leaving your customers stranded because they can’t reach you. That panic can reach new heights when you are using a phone system that is no longer in production and has reached end of life by the manufacturer — as Toshiba has announced for its phone systems.

To ease your panic, CoreTech can help with remote support and refurbished or new equipment for your Toshiba phone systems. We are here to offer Toshiba support when you need it, regardless of where you are located in the United States. Therefore, there’s no cause for alarm if your Toshiba office phone needs programming, backup services, equipment repairs and more.


Where can my business get Toshiba phone system support while I’m considering replacement?

CoreTech's Toshiba Phone System Support Team

CoreTech stands ready with a Toshiba Phone System Support team well versed in the management and maintenance of Toshiba's IPedge system and other business telephone systems. Our certified team consists of experienced staff who have designed, installed, programmed, and maintained Toshiba business phone systems for many years.

New and Refurbished Equipment

We also carry new and refurbished Toshiba equipment to keep you operational. If your current system needs repairs, we have the parts you need to return your phone system to full functionality, and we can maintain system upkeep. We cover IPedge, Toshiba Strata, and Toshiba CIX100 systems. We can also help you with a new cloud business phone system through remote implementation.


What does the Toshiba phone system EOL mean for my business phone system?

As of October 31, 2021, there will be no more manufacturer support for Toshiba phone systems. As a result, it will become even more difficult to find support and equipment. Even if you do, it could be much more expensive to repair, if repair is even possible.

However, CoreTech is committed to ensuring that your Toshiba office phone remains operational. This “end of life” date does not have to mean the end of your business phone system. CoreTech stands ready to service your IPedge and Toshiba phone systems when you need us.

Read more about how we are responding to the Toshiba EOL.

Toshiba EOL

Unsure if you should keep using your old Toshiba phone system?



CoreTech has additional options for you, too, including investing in a new cloud business phone system, maintaining your current Toshiba phone system, or assembling a crash kit for you in the event of a system failure.

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Why CoreTech?

With years of experience in business phone system management and support, CoreTech offers quick response times to reduce downtime and business impact. We maintain a certified team of experts who work with you to keep your Toshiba phone system up and running. We also offer remote support capabilities, so we can help anyone in the United States with Toshiba issues, regardless of location.

If your small business has questions about Toshiba phone systems and support, CoreTech has the answers — and the expertise to implement them.  

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