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Email remains a vital part of business communications, but it’s also a target for cybercriminals trying to hack into your data or network. 

At CoreTech, we offer Email Security Services to provide advanced threat protection, data leak prevention, and data loss prevention for businesses. We understand that email security is a crucial aspect of business communications, and it is a target for cybercriminals who are constantly trying to exploit vulnerabilities in your network.

To safeguard your sensitive information and prevent unwanted emails, we provide enterprise-grade email security software and security tools to detect and block spam, malware, ransomware, and other email threats. Our email security solution tool sets are designed to meet the unique needs of small to midsize businesses, ensuring that you save time and resources while protecting your business from email threats.

Don't let email threats compromise your business.

Our email security software and tools are regularly evaluated and tested to leverage advances in technology for the benefit of our clients. With our managed IT security program, businesses can rest assured that their email communications are secured against advanced threats and business email compromises.

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Email Security Services

Here are some of the key areas CoreTech addresses to protect your email.

 Employee Awareness Training

Educating your employees on how to spot malicious emails is one of the primary defenses you can implement as part of your email security solutions, but you can’t just hold one long training session with a bland presentation. Your employees will retain more information from shorter modules on email security best practices. 

We can help you create a scheduled staff training initiative with engaging content that your team can easily understand and digest. Breaking these training sessions up in a way that continues to engage employees and reinforce the message over time is also important. For example, CoreTech deploys monthly phishing tests and quarterly security web training.  

CoreTech will also set up a learning management system to track each individual’s training progress. Using content with milestones, employees must prove they are participating, which provides data you can use in documentation for compliance or your security policy. The system also gives you reports to see when training is held and which employees participated. 

Because training information loses its effectiveness quickly without additional reinforcement, CoreTech sends simulated phishing or spoof emails to test employees and see how they respond. If an employee clicks on the email, you are alerted, and depending on the frequency of clicks, you can determine the need for additional training. We can run these tests as often as you want and at random times.


 Email Filtering

Email filters are critical to help block malicious content from landing in your inbox. These filters scan the content of the message as well as any links it contains to stop phishing attacks or spoofed emails. If it detects any suspicious links, the system “quarantines” the email and replaces the link with a link to its filter site, where it evaluates the content before allowing you to click through. The system also searches for known spam, junk mail and other potentially offensive material. In addition, an email filter will scan all attachments for malicious content. 

CoreTech’s email security solutions help with filtering potential security threats on any device you use, whether it’s your work computer, mobile device, or a personal computer with access to company data. In fact, an email security system adds an extra layer of security when you log in remotely and don’t have the protection of a firewall. 

An added feature of email filtering systems is access to a backup of your emails. In the event that you have a system failure and your day-to-day email system is down, you can access the email filtering service through the web to send and receive emails. This is a great tool to include in your business continuity plan. 

 Optimize Your Email Security with CoreTech

When CoreTech implements your email security services, we can add multi-factor authentication to your email security. This can prevent cyber thieves from breaking into your email system and, for example, sending emails as the CEO or CFO to clients asking them to transfer money.

Of course, the goal of email filters is to stop any phishing emails, but if an employee does click on a link, you want that link filtered to validate that it’s not going to an unidentified site. A firewall can help, but email security solutions add another layer of protection. CoreTech can even add email encryption, so if you’re sending sensitive emails you can do so securely.


Comprehensive Email Security Solutions for Your Business

At CoreTech, email security is one of the many cybersecurity solutions we offer to help protect your business’s networks and data systems, but as a managed IT service provider, we offer more than just peace of mind. 

Additional services include managed IT, business phone systems, and data backups. 

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