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Failure to Communicate? Not with Unified Communications.

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With employees spread around the city, state, or country, communicating effectively is one of the key challenges facing today’s workforce. Whether you have a single Omaha area office or 50 worldwide, you probably have employees working on-the-go from different locations.

Whether your team works from home, on the road, or out in the field, they need to be able to communicate and collaborate clearly and in real time.

That’s exactly what unified communications (UC) platforms can offer. These tools combine communication technologies such as phone systems, instant messaging, web conferencing, and even screen sharing into one cohesive platform.

Your team can log in from anywhere and work as if they were sitting at a desk in the office.

Our unified communications services in Omaha, Nebraska, are keenly attuned to the communication needs of a growing, active business. Our platform integrates seamlessly with existing phone systems, CRM tools, smartphones, and mobile devices, so you are accessible from anywhere.

Initiate a chat message directly from a web conference. Share your screen with a new client. Manage your presence so no one can disturb you during an important presentation.

We’ll run with your requirements — no communication obstacle is too great for our team at CoreTech. Our expert administrators, engineers, and consultants will help you design a unified communication platform that will make it easier for teams to work together — from anywhere.

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Is Your Team on the Same Page?

Every business needs to have the tools and processes to communicate effectively.

Yet many organizations struggle with this process, finding it difficult to align communications between different groups and present a unified front to clients, customers, and competitors.

If you can relate to the following situations, you might be experiencing a communication breakdown. Do you:

  • Find it hard to collaborate between different business locations?
  • Struggle to manage on-site phone systems, mobile phones, and instant messaging services?
  • Have to switch between a handful of different apps just to keep in touch?
  • Worry that your instant messages aren’t as secure as you’d like?
  • Miss messages when you’re away from your desk?
  • Get frustrated with your current web conferencing tools?
  • Wish you could just use a smartphone instead of a separate desk phone?


If you answered yes, it may be time for a communications upgrade!

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Better communication systems have arrived. Here’s what a unified communications application offers your Omaha-based business.


Connect your desk phone and mobile devices. A hosted unified communications application on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet lets you answer calls and manage voicemails as if you were right at your desk.


Stop worrying about the security of your chat client. With unified communications, your chats, voicemail texts, and web conferences are all protected with best-in-class security features.


With unified communications, you can easily switch between different features. Launch a web conference from a chat window. Have voicemail message transcripts sent to you in an email. Call clients from your laptop. Get the information you need, in whatever format works best.


Your unified communications client integrates with popular CRM systems. For every incoming call, you’ll get a pop-up with the caller’s information and client history. Our experts at CoreTech will help you identify new tech to modernize your communication systems, as well as support remote work and multilocation collaboration. We will help you install tools and the infrastructure to support your unified communication goals for concise, clear communication.

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