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Voice & Data Cabling for Your Omaha Small Business

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What does a small to midsize business (SMB) owner in the Omaha area need to know about voice and data cabling for their operations? Well, you’ve come to the right place to find out.

Cable planning, design, and installation, if done correctly, contribute to optimized performance and quicker IT network and phone system troubleshooting — minimizing downtime. In addition, a well-structured cabling installation can lead to increased productivity in the workplace and quicker, easier technology upgrades in the future.

Often, when you expand or move, it’s easy to forget what’s going on within the walls that provide physical connections to your network, computers, wireless access points, security cameras, printers, servers, and phones.

Each of these pieces of physical equipment is connected to a voice or data network that allows them to communicate with one another.

Even a simple cubicle relocation may call for cabling moves, adds, and changes (MAC) that need to occur within your building.

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Are You Looking for a Company to Do Cabling?

CoreTech’s experienced team can evaluate your cabling needs and help you find the right types of voice and data cabling for your business. Not all cabling needs are the same, and it’s important to have the right cabling to suit your devices and networks.

We help businesses with the following:

Network Cabling

The right network cabling is essential for network reliability, speed and avoiding downtime. These cables are the lifelines that connect your computers, printers and routers so they can communicate with one another. Types of network cabling include twisted pair cables, fiber optic cables, coaxial cables and multipair cables. Based on your office setup, your network systems likely will incorporate more than one type of network cabling to maximize the transfer of information.

Data Cabling

Typically composed of copper or fiber wire, data cabling connects your computers to your servers and network to transfer data. Some cables are rated with a “category” number: the higher the number, the faster the speed. Cat 7 is the highest rating currently available, although many businesses operate with Cat 5 or Cat 6 cabling and experience high quality and reduced downtime.

Telephone Cabling

Used to connect your telephone systems to your phone service, telephone cabling determines the call and video quality for your infrastructure. Typically, most business telephone systems do well with Cat 5e cabling, but our CoreTech team can evaluate your business needs to confirm what will best serve your business, for not only efficiency but also affordability.

IT Cabling

Bringing together the right IT cabling to create your IT infrastructure, such as network, data and telephone cabling, is essential to keeping your business operating efficiently and performing well.

Working with the expert team at CoreTech ensures a seamless, organized installation. Please reach out if you are considering an office move, renovation, or even just need a new desk set up.


Plan Ahead: What’s Coming Up for Your Office Space?

Whether it’s a remodel, move, or build-out, we’re here to get your structured voice and data cabling in the right place at the right time. Our team’s knowledge is at your disposal!

Maximize your new space by planning ahead for your office technology and phone system design and installation. Our experienced Omaha team will make certain your infrastructure and network design, as well as data and IT room configuration, meet your business goals and operating needs.

Maximize your voice & data cabling with the following:

  • A preliminary walk-through of the space to evaluate suitability, wiring, and carrier availability
  • Development of estimate and budget
  • Engineering and design of technology to fit your business needs
  • Project management and implementation
  • Equipment moves

Are you thinking about a building remodel, move, or build-out? Contact us today for your structured cabling design and installation needs.


Do You Need Assistance With an Office Move?

We’ll set you up for success in your new space by taking into consideration the technology you are moving and what structured cabling design is needed to optimize that technology.

Our expert team can help you when making the move to a new space:

  • Determine if the new space will support your voice and data cabling needs
  • Make sure it provides room for your business to continue to grow in the future
  • Evaluate if the location makes sense for your employees and target market
  • Ensure your vendors provide service to that area


Let's face it. Office moves are hectic and a lot of things go wrong! With our technology move checklist and help from our staff, your move will be much smoother.

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