IT Support in Elkhorn


As a growing area of Omaha, Elkhorn is a haven for the small and midsize businesses that are vital to the economy. As the community continues to expand and thrive, businesses like yours require cutting-edge IT solutions and security.

To help Elkhorn businesses operate and grow, CoreTech offers a wide range of managed IT services and business phone system management solutions that can be customized for every Elkhorn business regardless of industry and size.

CoreTech’s small business IT services near you include:

Managed services

Think of us as your internal IT department. We can manage all of your servers, networks and devices; perform IT maintenance and support; and research new products that will enhance your existing operations. In addition, as your business grows, we can assist you with expanding your systems to ensure that your company doesn’t experience downtime.

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Cloud services

Regardless of where you or your staff work, we can create an entire cloud network for 24/7 remote access.

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Security services

Thwarting cyber criminals and protecting your data are a top priority.We can help you with end-to-end security for all of your devices, systems and networks. 

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Business phone systems

Telephone technology continues to grow and evolve, integrating with your network and applications to make your organization more efficient. We can help your business communication evolve! Not only can we address your desktop phone systems, but we also can integrate such technological features as video conferencing, chat and mobile capabilities. Plus, we handle all installation, programming and maintenance of your system to keep you up and running. 

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Business continuity and disaster recovery

To curb the downtime resulting from natural disasters, power outages, server failures or data breaches, we can create a disaster recovery plan so your operations and data are easily accessible.

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More than 20 years ago, CoreTech started as a small business just like yours, and we know the hard work and challenges that go into growing a successful company. As such, our team focuses on three key factors to help you succeed: 

  • Your goals become our goals; we want to help you achieve each and every one effectively and with the technology you need.
  • We build partnerships; we want to be there for your small business.
  • We seek out the best integrated technology services and solutions to benefit your business.


Our commitment to our clients in the Omaha area inspires everything we do — something our clients appreciate. In fact, here’s a sample of what they have to say about their CoreTech experience:


"Our organization has been working with CoreTech for a couple of years and they have been very professional, extremely knowledgeable and quick to respond with support. They will go over and above to fix any issue and will not hesitate to communicate with any outside source if needed. Sometimes they will catch problems before we do, and that is why I would highly recommend their services."

— Angie C., Mental Health Services | Omaha, NE

"I really appreciate the knowledge and help CoreTech gives. I especially enjoy working with Bob, their technician. He knows our systems super well and is always super helpful."

— Aubrey C., Communications | Omaha, NE


The expert team at CoreTech stands ready to help your Elkhorn, NE, small business customize an IT service, security or business phone system solution to achieve your goals. Contact us today to set up a consultation with CoreTech. We’ll evaluate your business systems and see how we can create IT solutions that best fit your needs.