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If You are Going to Build It, Buy It, or Rent It, CoreTech Can Help

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Are terms like public, private, or hybrid cloud leaving you perplexed? Unsure about how these concepts can benefit your business?

CoreTech: Your Trusted Cloud Computing Partner in Omaha & Lincoln, NE

If you find yourself among the many small to midsize business owners in Omaha navigating this cloud computing landscape, rest assured — the CoreTech team is here to guide you toward the ideal solution.

We'll engage in a comprehensive discussion regarding your IT requirements (including your phone system), your overarching business objectives, and your aspirations. Through this dialogue, we'll craft a cloud computing strategy, whether cloud hosted or on-premise, that suits your present needs and sets a solid foundation for the future.


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What Are Hosted Resources?

Now that you know we’ve got your back AND you have a tech partner in Omaha to help your business navigate the options, we also want you to know that we are your information resource as well! Want to know more?

Public Cloud

A common model where all the underlying computing resources (servers and hardware), connectivity, security, and software licensing are provided by the vendor.

The vendor’s resources are pooled and shared between multiple client businesses. Think AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Private Cloud

Similar to the public cloud in that the vendor is providing all of the resources; however, those resources are all dedicated specifically to your Omaha business.

If the public cloud is provided by an outside vendor, then it can also be called IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

You can also create and own your public cloud if you have a data center or colocation facility.


In some cases, it makes more sense for you to continue to own your server equipment. However, you do not want to build out a hardened data center environment within your facility.

Colocation services allow you to place your equipment in a dedicated data center facility that is physically secure and has all of the expected redundancies — typically power and connectivity.

Hybrid Cloud

Most businesses use a hybrid scenario, which is a mix of public and private clouds as well as different cloud services such as MS Office 365,, or Quickbooks online.


Hosted Phone Systems — With Options!

Options abound when you choose to go with a hosted business phone system, whether you are a small local business looking for a monthly operational phone expenditure for 20 users or a midsize company wanting to colocate your phone system equipment at a data center.

Streamline your business communications with a hosted VoIP phone system — a convenient, cost-effective system that integrates unified communication solutions. Hosted VoIP solutions offer a great amount of flexibility to scale up or down depending on the number of users and features your business needs.

Working with your business goals for hosted or on-premise voice communications, CoreTech experts will plan, design, and implement a system to meet the needs of your medium-sized business in Omaha or Lincoln, NE.


Managed Services and Cloud Hosting

A server, no matter where it’s located, still needs to be managed.

Our CoreCare managed IT services in Omaha and Lincoln, NE, will help you do just that. Our expert team will proactively monitor and maintain your equipment 24/7/365.

The benefit?

Disruptions, downtime, and on-site IT support costs are reduced, and system optimization is increased.

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Enlisting CoreTech as your technology provider to manage your hosted or on-premise equipment lets you leverage the expertise of a full team of IT professionals, without needing to hire the team yourself.

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