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TOSHIBA phone systems end of life – now what?

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Refresh Your Technology With These 4 Considerations

With the click of a button, technology streamlines business operations that can save time, energy, and money. To take technology further, there comes a time when every business needs to take inventory of what they use, and how they can upgrade outdated technology to produce more and faster.
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Are Curved Monitors Viable Office Solutions?

You’ve seen these sleek, curved displays in the stores, online, and maybe even have one at home as a part of your teens gaming setup, but are they for the office environment? Read on to find out, tangibly, what makes them special, and what the pros and cons are for using them in the workplace.
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5 Reasons Why Your Employees Need Professional Headsets

When our company first switched to remote work, it was a bit of an adjustment. I had to get used to sharing the dining room of a one-bedroom apartment as an office with my fiancé. When we had meetings, we didn’t want to interrupt the other’s workflow, so headphones were necessary. For a time, I settled for the subpar voice and sound quality of a simple pair of earbuds. And, those earbuds sufficed, for a time. But then the sound started cutting out. So, I had to find a different pair, and the ...
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Do I Need a Firewall When Employees Work Remotely?

With more small businesses turning to a remote workforce, protecting business operations and data is crucial. As a business owner, you most likely will need multiple firewalls to provide the necessary security required by remote access. This includes both an on-premise appliance and software that runs on the remote computers your employees use at home. Evaluating the use and risk of your IT solutions will go a long way in deciding which firewalls you need so you can get the most benefits of ...
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Can I Purchase a Consumer-Class Laptop for My Business? What You Should Know.

Every now and then we have a client that for one reason or another ends up with a consumer class computer. They may be wanting to save money, or needed a computer for a new hire ASAP. So what's wrong with that? If it's an HP computer that should be good enough right? HP, as well as most computer vendors, have two lines: consumer and business class computers. These can be desktops or laptops, so what is the difference?
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