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Email Encryption 101: What it is, How it Works, & Why Your SMB Needs it

Email is one of the core connectors for both internal and external communication. Millions of emails are sent daily to update, inform, advertise, and more. But security measures, such as email encryption, must be instilled when the email contains confidential information.
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Topics: Security Threats, Microsoft Products, Unified Communications

Why Cloud File Sharing is Far Better Than Email for Your Business

How far along is your company on the path to cloud file sharing and communication? Email certainly still has its use cases in business; it is accessible by nearly everyone, integrates with calendar tools, and allows for communication to large teams or groups of people. However, there are some key reasons to accelerate your business’s transition to new methods of cloud file sharing and communication. Here is an easy-to-digest list with tips and explanations below.
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Topics: Cloud, IT Support, Unified Communications