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Your Company Domain: Important Facts You Need to Know

Eric Weber
Spending ten minutes checking on this now could save hours or days of a headache in the future. If you are a business owner, IT manager or Administrative Manager it’s important to know what your domain is, what it is used for, and how to renew or make changes to the domain in the future. Keep this information in your file, so that you know where to find it if you ever need it.
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Topics: Alert, IT Support

Is Your Phone Saying You have “Weak Security? Here’s What it Means.

CoreTech Staff
Has your mobile device alerted you to “weak security” recently?  The latest update patches from Apple and Android will now show an alert for weak security if your router or modem is using an outdated network security key. 
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Topics: Security Threats, Alert

What Can Your Small Business Do Now to Secure Your IT Network?

Chris Vilim
Small businesses are often uniquely vulnerable to cyber threats due to limited resources and IT personnel. When a company is focused solely on day-to-day operations, it may lack the bandwidth to perform needed security checks and stay apprised of potential threats. But a strategic security plan, whether developed in-house or by a managed service provider (MSP), can prevent attacks and protect your business.  Here are a few important actions you can take now to secure your business’s network.
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