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Why Business Owners are Concerned About the Dark Web

Almost every day in the news, business owners hear about data breaches compromising confidential information. Have you ever wondered what cybercriminals do with the sensitive data they steal? The stolen data is misused to compromise your online identity, make fraudulent purchases, and is sold to unauthorized third parties. Cybercriminals also use the stolen information to hack into other accounts you maintain to steal more information, data, and money without your knowledge.
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CoreTech Introduces Vulnerability Management for SMBs with CyberCNS

CoreTech now offers a new service to clients that helps discover, monitor and secure network vulnerabilities and exploits. It’s a vulnerability scanning tool which looks through your network assets, such as laptops and servers, to evaluate which devices have a higher risk of exposure to malware. CoreTech is constantly analyzing and testing security products to add to our resource stack for small and midsize businesses. The tool we selected is CyberCNS, which helps us safeguard your business ...
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Is Your Phone Saying You have “Weak Security?" Here’s What it Means...

Has your mobile device alerted you to “weak security” recently? The latest update patches from Apple and Android will now show an alert for weak security if your router or modem is using an outdated network security key.
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