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How to Apply AI to Your Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the business landscape overnight, giving business more efficiency and significant productivity gains. According to IBM, 35% of companies are using AI, and 42% are exploring AI’s potential for future implementation.
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Hybrid Cloud Solutions: Harmful or Helpful for SMBs?

Thanks to the incredible advancements in cloud computing, technology experts are recommending a move to cloud-based data collection and storage solutions for all kinds of reasons. Small businesses, though, have individualized needs and goals for their technology and question the one-size-fits-all approach of moving to the cloud. Cloud computing has empowered businesses of all sizes to achieve the following:
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6 Technology Trends for SMBs in 2023

Small business owners have a lot to think about going into 2023. Inflation, cybersecurity threats, and the employee shift, such as the Great Resignation, are important topics to consider when strategizing technology purchases and planning for next year. Looking at the technology landscape, there are specific insights business owners and team members need to track and prepare for.
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Fraudulent Accounts: Victims Losing Thousands on LinkedIn

With over 830 million members in 200 plus countries worldwide, LinkedIn is a great tool for business professionals to utilize. LinkedIn differs from its social media counterparts with its added ability to search and recruit for jobs, strengthen professional relationships, and pick up on tips colleagues have learned.
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Watch Out as IRS Tax Phishing Scams Grow

Have you filed your business or personal taxes yet? Either way, this time of year remains one of the most popular for phishing scams. Be certain you’re staying off the hook by watching out for these tax-related scams and phishing emails.
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Watch Out for Ukrainian Email Scams!

People around the world are finding ways to help Ukrainians who are fleeing their homes after the Russian invasion. Polish parents are leaving strollers at the train station for incoming Ukrainian mothers. Nonprofits, such as Nova Ukraine, are raising funds for medical supplies, food, and cots with blankets. Others are getting creative by purchasing several nights at Airbnb’s so families and groups of people can have a safe place to stay. Unfortunately, malicious hackers are using this crisis ...
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7 Pros and Cons of Working from Home Long-Term

You’ve no doubt noticed that working from home has several advantages, but, as with anything, there are also a few downsides as well. During the current pandemic, both sides of the equation have likely surfaced at one point or another. Depending on your work style and your actual job responsibilities, you may love working from home or hate it, so we’ve detailed seven pros and seven cons of working from your home office, dining room or—let’s admit it—your couch.
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How has Microsoft Teams Transformed the Unified Communications Landscape?

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the service, support and new deployment of IT and voice systems has changed quite a bit. Bridging the distance between the deployment group and the customer has never been as complicated as it was the past year. There have been many bridges to build, cross and even invent. Not to mention pitfalls to navigate.
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Scam Alert: Keep an Eye Out During the 2021 Tax Season

Normally, tax season is a special occasion for cyber criminals to ramp up their scam efforts, but cyber scams have been consistent throughout the last year due to the political climate, the pandemic and now, the distribution of a vaccine. Throw in tax season, and hackers have considerable fodder for numerous cyber scams.
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How to Get Your Business Ready for the Reopening Economy

Businesses have rapidly adjusted to COVID-19, finding ad hoc solutions to remain productive and profitable. But now that many companies are growing accustomed to the “new normal,” it’s time to start planning for the future. While the pandemic may be temporary, there is no doubt that it will permanently change the American workforce, making it more flexible and open to technologies that foster collaboration and communication across distributed workers. In order to embrace these changes and ...
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