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Microsoft Teams and Nextiva Cloud Together Make One Unified Communication Solution

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt traditional ways of doing business, a lot of companies have taken advantage of working from home. But working remotely brings up new challenges and problems to solve, and organizations are particularly concerned with how they can communicate with customers, vendors and coworkers. Because even when working from home, phone calls are still a crucial component of conducting business.
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6 Steps to Maintain a Better Screen-Life Balance

Have you ever really sat down and calculated how much time you spend on your smart phone, tablet or computer? Just as you need work-life balance to prevent stress, you should also consider your screen-life balance.
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The Solution Your Mobile Workers Need: Mobile Device Management

In just the past few years, the way employees use mobile devices in the workplace has significantly shifted. The popularity of remote work options and the adoption of bring your own device (BYOD) programs have increased. Whether employees are using their own mobile device or a company-owned device, they can enjoy the flexibility and ease of working remotely, while employers benefit from increased productivity and efficiency. However, as more companies embrace employee mobility, they also need ...
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6 Tips for Safely Shopping Online for the Holidays

As we make our way into the holiday season and start thinking about what we're buying everyone, it’s important to heighten our awareness of who we’re giving our credit card information to. Don’t let cyber criminals ruin your holiday celebrations! Take a minute to remind yourself, your friends, and your family how to keep personal information safe while online shopping for holiday gifts.
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4 Cloud Services That Will Change How You Do Business

The workforce is changing, and so is the way we do business. While some organizations still run traditionally, with employees in the office from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., other businesses are providing more flexible work environments that allow them to accommodate both their customers and their employees. With these changes comes a need to update legacy technology systems that were only built to support the conventional way of doing business.
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Are Video Conferencing Solutions HIPAA Compliant?

Online video conferencing is proving to be a valuable tool for small and midsize offices, including those in the healthcare industry. When integrated with other communication platforms like email, telephony, and instant messaging, online video conferencing brings a competitive advantage to your business by reducing travel time and associated costs, increasing employee attendance, and improving the organizational structure of meetings. But there are some important considerations to make when ...
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10 Most Commonly Used Brands in Phishing Attacks

Phishing is a common tactic used by cyber criminals, as it can be very lucrative but doesn’t require as much technical, hacking know-how as other types of cyber attacks. Hackers often bank on you recognizing a brand name and being one-of-many that have an account with that company. With this in mind they convince you that the phishing email is legitimate. Often claiming that you’ve been locked out of your account, a payment didn’t go through, you need to update your information, or anything ...
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Why You Should Use A Single Managed Service Provider (MSP)

One MSP for voice and data is almost necessary in today’s world. Now that everything is connected through integrations, if one application stops working, it can hold up your entire process. You need to be able to have issues identified and resolved as quickly as possible, to maintain the flow of business. Not only does downtime cut down on productivity, it also puts people in a grumpy mood. According to a survey from the National Small Business Association, 41% of companies said that their ...
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Why Do I Need to Restart My Computer?

(Updated June 2023)
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