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Own a business in Omaha and need IT help?

Alyssa Sisco

It’s hard to run a business when you’re constantly being interrupted by computer restarts, unreliable internet connections, or frequently dropped calls. Yet, many small businesses just live with these frustrations because they don’t have the time or resources to find and fix the issue. Or, they simply get stuck in a break/fix loop with old technology or temporary fixes. We get that most small to midsize businesses in Omaha can’t shell out the resources to ...

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Why a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan is a must

Alyssa Sisco

Most often, we deal with disasters like ransomware infections or down servers. But lately, Nebraska residents and businesses are combating severe flooding. Although natural disasters are statistically less likely to destroy your tech equipment than malware, we have recently seen firsthand just how devastating natural disasters can be when they do strike. In fact, this image was taken by CoreTech staff member, Mike, near his home this week.

When ...

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Is your Omaha business outgrowing your office space?

Alyssa Sisco

Are you a growing small or midsize Omaha business? As your business gains traction and expands, you may find yourself running out of physical space for new hires or new equipment. Growing businesses often find that their current facility no longer provides the optimal infrastructure necessary to run their business productively. Buildings can only support so many people and so much activity before they are no longer effective.

So what factors ...

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