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Voicemail hackers - a phone system security risk

Jason Hahn
Recently, we’ve noticed a large upswing in people hacking into voicemail systems. These hackers build mailboxes that allow the caller to dial international calls through the system. When they call and select the fraudulent mailbox they have built, the voicemail gives the hacker open access to the victim’s outside lines and they can make long distance and international calls at the cost of the victim. This can add up to thousands of dollars before it's even discovered. With so many security issues to worry about already, we don't want you to worry about one more. So let's take a look at what can be done to keep your voicemail system secure.
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Get the most out of your phone system

Alyssa Sisco

Just as your cell phone isn’t merely for making calls anymore, office phone systems now integrate with other parts of your business. That’s why this segment of technology isn’t simply about phone systems anymore, it’s now, unified communications (UC). UC works in conjunction with computers, cell phones, and other mobile devices, allowing you to do things like dial by clicking a number on your computer screen, sending voicemail messages via email, and allowing you to send text messages from your work number. It can even track data and pull useful information from your CRM right when you need it most. Basically, unified communications solutions allow you to communicate in the most convenient and effective ways imaginable.

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Is it time to upgrade your phone system?

Alyssa Sisco

Thankfully, phone system manufacturers have, overall, done a good job at creating a robust product that lasts for many years. But something to consider is that there's a difference between your technology still functioning and your technology working for you-- by saving time and making communication easier.For instance, you may still have a VHS player that functions, but that doesn't mean it's not time for an upgrade. Besides the generally grainy-quality of tapes and the inconvenience of having to rewind them after every use, new movies don't even come out in that format anymore. In the same way, if your phone system is stuck in the past, you're missing out on some great new pieces of software and it may be wasting more time and energy than you think.

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