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Navigating the Nextiva Desktop App

using the nextiva desktop app for seamless communication from anywhereWith more companies than ever working from home, business owners and managers—like you—need to find a way for staff to bring phones anywhere so they don’t miss calls from anyone.

With a softphone provided as part of a Nextiva cloud phone system, you’ll ensure seamless voice communication across your entire organization, no matter where you or your employees are located.

What is the Nextiva softphone?

The softphone is an application loaded onto your PC or laptop. That means you can have your desk phone with you at all times, without actually having to carry the phone.

Using the softphone is easy, and in this post, I’ll cover a few of the basic ways you and your employees can use the Nextiva desktop application.


Placing a call

There are a few ways to place a call within the Nextiva desktop app.

                        nextiva desktop app dial pad     nextiva desktop app directory

  1. You can go to the dial pad and type in the phone number.
  2. You can also copy and paste a number to make the call.
  3. You can place a call using a saved contact.
  4. You can place a call using the directory.

Click the person icon to access your saved contacts.

how to access contacts within the app

Click the globe icon to access the company directory.

how to access the directory within the app

During the call you will have several options to choose from as well, including:

in-call features of nextiva desktop app

  • Putting the call on hold
  • Starting a video conference (if applicable)
  • Muting the call
  • Sharing your screen
  • And more!
Transferring a call

Transferring a call has never been simpler, either.

how to transfer a call on a nextiva softphone system

To transfer a call at anytime, click on “More Options. (The ellipsis on your call screen). Then, click “Transfer.”

When the transfer screen pops up, you can type the direct number of the person. Of, if they are a saved contact in your directory, you can simply type their name.

choosing a contact to transfer a call to in the nextiva desktop app

Additionally, if the Nextiva app is synced with your Outlook, you’ll find your Outlook contacts within the list of contacts on the Nextiva app. To find them, just scroll down the list.

Conferencing with another user

Conferencing a call on the Nextiva desktop app works the same as transferring.

On the “More Options” screen, click “Conference,” then search just like you do when transferring.

how to start a conference call on nextiva desktop app


Do you have questions about using the Nextiva desktop app? Or are you interested in learning more about Nextiva’s cloud-based phone systems for your business?

Contact CoreTech today. Our telecommunication experts can help walk you through the ins and outs of the platform and even suggest the best business voice or unified communications system for your organization.


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