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What Industries are the Biggest Targets for Cyber Attacks?

Have you ever walked around feeling like there was a looming target on your back? Like someone’s waiting for you to make a wrong move?
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Topics: Security Threats, Finance, Law, Health Care, Manufacturing

Watch Out as IRS Tax Phishing Scams Grow

Have you filed your business or personal taxes yet? Either way, this time of year remains one of the most popular for phishing scams. Be certain you’re staying off the hook by watching out for these tax-related scams and phishing emails.
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Scam Alert: Keep an Eye Out During the 2021 Tax Season

Normally, tax season is a special occasion for cyber criminals to ramp up their scam efforts, but cyber scams have been consistent throughout the last year due to the political climate, the pandemic and now, the distribution of a vaccine. Throw in tax season, and hackers have considerable fodder for numerous cyber scams.
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Topics: Security Threats, Trends, Finance

Looking for an IT Support Provider for Your Financial Institution? Here's How to Choose.

Credit unions, banks and other financial institutions rely on technology to efficiently and effectively serve their customers. Over the past decade, the shifting needs and growing expectations of the modern consumer have driven the development of a number of new technologies, software and applications that are changing the delivery of banking services. With these new technologies comes a need for increased security and a focus on meeting compliance requirements.
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