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Joel Havenridge

Joel Havenridge
As the Systems Engineer’s Team Lead, Joel Havenridge is responsible for the design, implementation, stability, integrity, and efficient operation of information systems that support CoreTech's clients.
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MFA Fatigue 101: Tactics, Examples, & How to Fight It

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is becoming mainstream for logging in to personal and business accounts. From your computer, bank account, government websites, or installing apps on your smart TV, MFA provides multiple methods to prove your identity to gain access to the device, statement, website, or app. A major reason for this is that MFA is required for many business cybersecurity insurance policies. MFA is not infallible, but it is part of the multi-layer security model that blocks ...
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Topics: Data Breach, Network Security

It's Time to Update Your Password Protection Policy

The more things change... Well, that’s really it. Security is constantly evolving to deter threats with the best way possible. Password policies have changed over the years. Remember when it was good enough to at least have a password? Then evolve to add a number like a 5 instead of an S, add a special character like @ for an A, use passphrases rather than a word and change them often. Some of those recommendations hold true, but with a little modernization.
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5 Urgent Steps to Take if you have Ransomware

Getting infected with ransomware is the last thing any business would want. Even worse would be not having a plan to respond to the ransomware attack. If there is no immediate response, the malware could go on and infect the whole network operating system.
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Do I Need a Firewall When Employees Work Remotely?

With more small businesses turning to a remote workforce, protecting business operations and data is crucial. As a business owner, you most likely will need multiple firewalls to provide the necessary security required by remote access. This includes both an on-premise appliance and software that runs on the remote computers your employees use at home. Evaluating the use and risk of your IT solutions will go a long way in deciding which firewalls you need so you can get the most benefits of ...
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Topics: Equipment Purchases, Network Security

Spotting Spoofed or Phishing Emails on a Mobile Device

You've probably noticed our previous updates covering phishing and how to identify phony emails. And, you've likely had a bit of practice with identifying them yourself on your work computer. But what about staying safe on your mobile device? The rules for detecting spam and phishing hazards on your phone or tablet differ slightly than what you are used to doing in Outlook on your desktop or laptop. The process isn’t quite as straightforward, but you can still take precautionary steps to avoid ...
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Topics: Security Threats

6 Reasons a Firewall is an Essential Part of Your Business’s Cyber Security

In today’s world, you can never be too careful with your organization’s cyber security. And if your employees are accessing the internet, a firewall needs to be a key part of your cyber security strategy. Firewall tools are not only useful for securing digital assets and protecting hardware, but can also be used to block employees from accessing prohibited sites and to filter web traffic. Certain firewall configurations can even tip you off if a data breach or intrusion occurs, which means you ...
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Topics: Security Threats, Network Security

Passwords Are Like Underwear

Almost anything you do online these days requires a password, from logging into your Facebook account to conducting online banking to managing personal and business credit card statements. Passwords are a necessity to keep your online information safe and sound. How should you protect your passwords? You shouldn’t leave them out where people can see them. You should change them regularly Don’t share them with friends. You shouldn’t loan them out!
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Topics: Staff Training

Can I Purchase a Consumer-Class Laptop for My Business? What You Should Know.

Every now and then we have a client that for one reason or another ends up with a consumer class computer. They may be wanting to save money, or needed a computer for a new hire ASAP. So what's wrong with that? If it's an HP computer that should be good enough right? HP, as well as most computer vendors, have two lines: consumer and business class computers. These can be desktops or laptops, so what is the difference?
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Topics: Equipment Purchases