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Managed Backups: Why Your Business Needs Them

Wynn Obermeyer
Your company’s data is important, and having adequate backups is a critical part of keeping that data protected. Whether it be a hardware failure or cyber attack, when disaster strikes, your business will come to a halt unless you have the proper plans and data backups in place. Managed backup solutions provided by a managed service provider (MSP) are one of the best ways to ensure that your organization has secure and reliable access to your data when the unexpected occurs. 
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Topics: Cloud, Technology Planning

What are your business goals for 2020?

Alyssa Sisco
As we get closer to the end of 2019 you may have already begun planning for the new year. Has your team started discussing where you would like to see your business go and establishing a road map to guide you there? Have you put thought to how technology could be used to advance your business goals? When you work with CoreTech as your Managed Service Provider (MSP), you’re not just hiring someone to fix your technology when it breaks, you’re investing in a partner who assists in aligning your ...
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Topics: Owners & Managers, Technology Planning