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How Does a Dark Web Scan Work? And Why You Want One Regularly

how does a dark web scan workYou know that regular monitoring and maintenance of your data and systems is important for optimal performance uptime, but you might not realize that continuous scanning, particularly Dark Web scans, can mean the difference between getting breached and preventing one.  

What is a Dark Web scan? 

“Thousands of email addresses, passwords and other sensitive data land on the dark web every day, creating risk for your business—and you may not even know about a vulnerability until it’s too late.” – ID Agent 

Using a tool that combines powerful intelligence and machine monitoring, a Dark Web scan involves scouring every corner of the Dark Web to protect your business from credential compromise risks. These continuous scans shed light on the security of your organization’s information, letting you know what’s been compromised so you can take action before anything more serious occurs.  

How does a Dark Web scan work? 

A Dark Web scan helps you close the security gaps in your business with accurate, real-time data.  

Our solution never rests, and it delves into places like the below to see if your data, such as emails and passwords, are compromised: 

  • Hidden chat rooms 
  • Unindexed sites 
  • Private websites 
  • Peer-to-peer networks 
  • Internet relay chat (IRC) channels 
  • Social media platforms 
  • Black market sites 
  • Over 640,000 botnets 


What’s included in the results of a Dark Web scan? 

Once your scan is complete, our solution brings back results with the following information.  


If credentials for your organization were found, those passwords and usernames will be listed in the report. If this occurs, you will want to change your passwords to something more complex.  

Refer to this blog post on passwords to learn more about optimizing your password management. 

The Dark Web-based location where the info was found 

I mentioned above that dark web scans cover quite the expanse of territory. Part of your report will reveal where your information appeared, too. 

How the information was compromised 

Whether through a data breach or other means, a report will typically show how information was accessed. This includes the original website that was compromised, too, if data was scraped from a website, or stolen from another repository. 

Additional alerts about personal information, not just passwords 

If a breach was substantial enough, a dark web scan will alert you to other personally identifiable information (PII) being exposed, such as billing addresses, emails, names, etc.  

How can I find out if my credentials have been compromised on the Dark Web? 

The only way to really know for sure is to request a dark web scan at the link below. The process is fast and simple.  

Just fill out the brief form and send it our way. Our IT security experts will be in touch promptly with your results, alarming or otherwise.  

request a free dark web scan

You can also contact CoreTech at any time if you have any additional questions about dark web monitoring or our cyber security solutions. 

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