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Derek Warak

Derek Warak
As an IT Systems Administrator, Derek handles incoming service tickets dealing with laptops or desktop computers.
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10 Simple PC Tricks to Improve Productivity

We all know the business world today is fast paced. To stay cutting-edge, it’s important to maximize productivity. One quick, easy way to do this is to make your computer usage more efficient. Below, I’ve listed 10 ways to boost performance and give your productivity a leg up over the competition.
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5 Simple Ways To Customize Your Microsoft Teams Interface

With the current pandemic forcing many to work from home, it means we have to rely on technology to keep everyone communicating and informed about what is going on with your organization. Microsoft Teams is a great way to accomplish this enormous task. While Teams offers numerous functions for communication and collaboration, you still may want to customize the application so it feels a little more personal. Listed below are five capabilities to personalize your workspace.
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Why You Should Use A Single Managed Service Provider (MSP)

One MSP for voice and data is almost necessary in today’s world. Now that everything is connected through integrations, if one application stops working, it can hold up your entire process. You need to be able to have issues identified and resolved as quickly as possible, to maintain the flow of business. Not only does downtime cut down on productivity, it also puts people in a grumpy mood. According to a survey from the National Small Business Association, 41% of companies said that their ...
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