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Derek Warak

Derek Warak

As a Unified Communications Systems Administrator, Derek handles service tickets dealing with phone systems. If someone has a problem or question dealing with their phone system, Derek is able to use his 20+ years of industry experience to find resolutions quickly.
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Why you should use a single managed services provider

Derek Warak

One MSP for voice and data is almost necessary in today’s world. Now that everything is connected through integrations, if one application stops working, it can hold up your entire process. You need to be able to have issues identified and resolved as quickly as possible, to maintain the flow of business. Not only does downtime cut down on productivity, it also puts people in a grumpy mood. According to a survey from the National Small Business Association, 41% of companies said that their biggest technology challenge is “the time it takes to fix issues”. Everything seems to rely on technology so keeping it running as smoothly as possible is one of the most important aspects of business.

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