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Learn the Basics: Employee Cybersecurity Training Courses (+ Advanced Ideas)

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What Does Strategic Planning Look Like for My SMB? (+3 Results)

A clear and well-defined strategy enables an organization to focus its resources and energy in the most impactful areas while playing to the organization's strengths. The strategy sets a course for how the company wants to get ahead, or stay ahead, of its competitors. A strategic plan ensures that all the elements of the company are working together as a coherent whole to achieve goals and objectives. Executing a strategic plan isn't something that can be done by the marketing department or the ...
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Power Cycling vs. Restarting: What is the Difference?

One of the most common responses from help desk support is: “Have you tried turning the device off and then on again?” While it may seem redundant, this solution is commonly recommended as a quick and easy fix for many problems involving your computer or printer. But how do you efficiently turn off and on devices when they vary so much in form and function, or when the power button can be a sleep button in disguise? Enter: Power cycling. Keep reading to learn more about the differences between ...
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Outlook vs. Gmail Head-to-Head: Which One is Best for Business?

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the head-to-head match. In the red corner, the underdog is gaining ground with over 6 million business users and owning over 10 percent of the market productivity suite through Google Workspace, Gmail. Over in the blue corner, our champion contender with over 87% of market productivity and is connected to one of the largest online business portals, Outlook. Which email service is coming out on top as the best email service for your business?
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5 Reasons to Outsource Your Business Cyber Security

A cyber attack can be devastating to your company’s operations. Small Business Trends estimates the average cost of cyber-attacks on small businesses to be over $25,000. Unfortunately, small businesses are a frequent target of cyber criminals. As a business owner, you must be vigilant to ensure your business is protected and not infected with viruses. This takes time and resources from your organization that might be needed elsewhere.
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6 MORE Microsoft 365 Apps You Didn't Know Existed [+Bonus App]

As the Microsoft 365 landscape continues to evolve and develop, we wanted to showcase more apps you have access to with your subscription!
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Are Curved Monitors Viable Office Solutions?

You’ve seen these sleek, curved displays in the stores, online, and maybe even have one at home as a part of your teens gaming setup, but are they for the office environment? Read on to find out, tangibly, what makes them special, and what the pros and cons are for using them in the workplace.
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8 Topics Your Employee Cyber Security Training Needs to Cover

Are you ready to empower your employees as they face cyber scams and phishing emails entering their inbox? Training your staff to recognize common cyber threats will help your Omaha SMB block viruses and malware. But what cyber security topics should you educate your employees on? You will want to be certain you are prioritizing the best topics and training on up-to-date information. Here are some subjects worth including in your cyber security awareness training program:
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Creating a Security Culture for Your SMB Workplace

With our dependence on technology and the significant increase in hacker activity in the organization no one should need to ask if they have enough security implemented throughout the organization. It’s important to know that security is crucial, and it must be embedded into everything an organization does. A quick look at the news provides details on the security events of the day tied to an application's vulnerability or a major hack that occurred at a company or government organization. ...
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7 Microsoft 365 Apps You May Not Know Exist [+2 Bonus Apps]

With a program as powerful as Microsoft, business owners are able to organize and implement campaigns in a more efficient manner. The different branches allow for connectivity within the company, making communication and workflows a unifying experience. Tying all of Microsoft programs together is Microsoft 365, the homepage to their universe of features. Considering Microsoft wanted to build apps that would fulfill every user’s needs, there might be some features you didn’t know existed. And ...
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