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Does Your Business Need IT Consulting?

Chris Vilim
Many small business owners consider IT consulting simply as a “nice to have” service for those with extra money in their IT budgets. But the truth is that, while these services weren’t a necessity in the past, they have become more important for small and midsize businesses that want to remain secure and competitive in today’s tech-driven marketplace.
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17 Essentials for an Efficient At-Home Office [+Free Infographic]

Bill Weber
Don’t underestimate what you need when you begin setting up your home office. Sometimes we don’t even realize all that we need or what will give us the most efficiency as we are in a rush to get home and get working.    If you’re struggling with setting up an efficient at-home office, you can use our checklist of 17 essential items. It is a well-rounded, yet streamlined list of what you’ll likely wind up needing at some point during your time as a remote worker during the coronavirus ...
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Is Your Omaha Organization Prepared to Work Remotely due to COVID-19?

Kaitlin Schneider
The novel coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, continues to spread, and cases are continuing to sprout up in the Omaha and Lincoln area. Already, countless events—including major economic stimulators like the College World Series—have been postponed or cancelled, and many of the city’s largest organizations are preparing to join others in this unprecedented adoption of remote working.
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Are You Taking Advantage of All 365 Has to Offer?

Kaitlin Schneider
Many businesses use Microsoft Office 365 to simplify and improve the way their teams work both individually and together. But with so many apps and features, some teams may not be taking advantage of everything that 365 has to offer. The software provides numerous ways to increase productivity, but some of those features are well-hidden. 
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Use These 4 Simple Solutions to Improve Password Security

Chris Vilim
Most business owners and managers understand the important role that secure passwords play in protecting business data and accounts from being compromised. When you consider that business technology users maintain an average of 191 passwords, it only makes sense that not every organization wants to take on the considerable feat of ensuring their staff create unique and complex passwords for every application and account they have access to. Nevermind regularly updating all those passwords every ...
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How to Create an Acceptable Use Policy

Wynn Obermeyer
While technology plays an important role in keeping your organization safe from data breaches, security risks, and other malicious online behavior, it can’t do all the work by itself. The most secure companies create a culture that includes risk management, where employees are invested in taking steps toward reducing incidents by minimizing risky behavior and working to protect their technology and data assets.
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Are Your IT Staff About Ready to Quit?

CoreTech Staff
According to Ponemon Institute, 65% of IT and security personnel are considering changing jobs or careers. This is due to their ever-increasing workload, the requirement of being on call 24/7, overload from constant notifications and alerts, and the pressure of taking on continuously-growing security threats. It's easy to see how all these stressors are mounting to create an unmanageable work environment. If your internal IT staff are getting burnt out, they’re not alone and it's time for ...
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Why You Need an IT Managed Service Provider for Your Manufacturing Business

Tom Montgomery
Hiring a managed service provider (MSP) to oversee IT systems can improve almost any business’s productivity, cybersecurity, and efficiency. However, an MSP can be especially helpful for organizations in the manufacturing industry. An MSP with manufacturing experience understands the unique challenges of your industry — and how to build systems that will keep operations up and running. MSPs can unite various technology in use across production, administrative departments, and management. And ...
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9 Reasons to Outsource Your IT

Angela Wight
Years ago, your IT may have been managed in-house, with an internal IT support person or team of on-call technicians to handle user requests and hardware and software updates. However, today’s organizations rely on complicated systems: cloud computing, servers, voice and conferencing, mobile tools, and more. This complexity makes in-house IT management difficult, especially for organizations that rely on a single IT person. Tasking one employee to oversee user support, network maintenance, ...
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Tips for creating your bring-your-dog-to-work policy

James Thompson
With roughly 68% of households owning a pet, it's becoming a trend to find dogs in the workplace. It's pretty easy to find employees that would enjoy bringing their dog to work, which is why many companies are now using bring-your-dog-to-work policies as part of recruiting. Even beyond recruiting pet-loving employees, there can be a few major benefits of allowing dogs in the workplace, including stress relief, improved productivity, and increasing the morale of your human employees. Pets can ...
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