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What Industries are the Biggest Targets for Cyber Attacks?

Have you ever walked around feeling like there was a looming target on your back? Like someone’s waiting for you to make a wrong move?
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Topics: Security Threats, Finance, Law, Health Care, Manufacturing

Is Microsoft Teams HIPAA Compliant?

Like many other businesses, healthcare organizations continue to search for ways to work with employees and customers through enhanced mobility and collaboration. While working through the cloud provides greater reach and access, connecting online puts these businesses at greater risk for exposure, data leaks and targeted attacks from cyber criminals, particularly if employees are using their own personal devices. And healthcare organizations must remain HIPAA compliant throughout this sharing ...
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Topics: Microsoft Products, Network Security, Health Care

Are Video Conferencing Solutions HIPAA Compliant?

Online video conferencing is proving to be a valuable tool for small and midsize offices, including those in the healthcare industry. When integrated with other communication platforms like email, telephony, and instant messaging, online video conferencing brings a competitive advantage to your business by reducing travel time and associated costs, increasing employee attendance, and improving the organizational structure of meetings. But there are some important considerations to make when ...
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