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Managed Service Providers and Health Care: Keeping Your Organization Secure

Tom Montgomery
Cyber criminals often target organizations in the health care industry due to the type of data they access. Whether your organization is large or small, you are at risk for these attacks. Most modern cyber attack targeting is done by bots, using AI to scan for soft targets — they don’t care about the size of their victim. If you’re simply following governmental regulations regarding electronic health records, you’re most likely not doing enough to protect yourself from new threats as they ...
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Topics: Network Security, Health Care

Are Video Conferencing Solutions HIPAA Compliant?

Tom Montgomery
Online video conferencing is proving to be a valuable tool for small and midsize offices, including those in the healthcare industry. When integrated with other communication platforms like email, telephony, and instant messaging, online video conferencing brings a competitive advantage to your business by reducing travel time and associated costs, increasing employee attendance, and improving the organizational structure of meetings. But there are some important considerations to make when ...
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Topics: Trends, Health Care

HIPAA compliance is serious business

The government rules and regulations shaped by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) are continuing to evolve, which can make compliance difficult to measure. Agencies in charge of compliance oversight and enforcement have ramped up enforcement over time knowing it was going to take a lot of time, both to develop the rules and regulations, and to circulate them throughout the health care industry. We have now reached the point where compliance expectations are high and ...
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Topics: Data Breach, Health Care