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Tom Montgomery

Tom Montgomery
As the Director of Account Management at CoreTech, Tom Montgomery consults with SMB owners and managers to maximize their technology ROI, develop budgets, and realize the benefits of their deployed technology.

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Looking for an IT Support Provider for Your Financial Institution? Here's How to Choose.

Credit unions, banks and other financial institutions rely on technology to efficiently and effectively serve their customers. Over the past decade, the shifting needs and growing expectations of the modern consumer have driven the development of a number of new technologies, software and applications that are changing the delivery of banking services. With these new technologies comes a need for increased security and a focus on meeting compliance requirements.
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Topics: Finance, Technology Planning

IT for Law Firms: How Managed Service Providers Help Legal Clients

In the legal industry, time is money. And there’s nothing more frustrating than sitting down to a full day of billable work when your technology starts to fail you. If you don’t have an in-house IT team, this often results in spending hours trying to fix the problem yourself before you finally call in an expert who might be able to fit you in at some point, after they figure out how your system is structured.
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Topics: Network Security, Law

Why You Need an IT Managed Service Provider for Your Manufacturing Business

Hiring a managed service provider (MSP) to oversee IT systems can improve almost any business’s productivity, cybersecurity, and efficiency. However, an MSP can be especially helpful for organizations in the manufacturing industry. An MSP with manufacturing experience understands the unique challenges of your industry — and how to build systems that will keep operations up and running. MSPs can unite various technology in use across production, administrative departments, and management. And, ...
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Topics: The Workplace, Manufacturing

Are Video Conferencing Solutions HIPAA Compliant?

Online video conferencing is proving to be a valuable tool for small and midsize offices, including those in the healthcare industry. When integrated with other communication platforms like email, telephony, and instant messaging, online video conferencing brings a competitive advantage to your business by reducing travel time and associated costs, increasing employee attendance, and improving the organizational structure of meetings. But there are some important considerations to make when ...
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Topics: Trends, Health Care