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10 Simple PC Tricks to Improve Productivity

simple pc tricks to improve productivityWe all know the business world today is fast paced. To stay cutting-edge, it’s important to maximize productivity.

One quick, easy way to do this is to make your computer usage more efficient.

Below, I’ve listed 10 ways to boost performance and give your productivity a leg up over the competition.

1. Limit the number of programs that start up when you log on.

Lots of programs get set by default to start when you log in. One example is Microsoft Teams. If you don’t use it, then it’s consuming valuable system resources when your computer first boots up. Instead of spending time closing it down while you’re waiting for your computer to start, open Task Manager and click the “Start up” tab to enable/disable the program you wish to change.

2. Don’t run a lot of apps at once.

It’s easy and convenient to leave apps open if you think you’ll need them again later in the day, but even sitting idle, they use system resources that should be left available for other processes. Closing apps when not using them frees up these resources and allows the apps running to process faster.

3. Restart your PC once a week.

The longer you leave your computer on without restarting it, the more likely it is to experience issues. Restarting can often resolve network drives that won’t connect and can fix hardware issues like loud fans.

Rebooting before calling your IT support can save your company time and money. And, perhaps most importantly, it’s satisfying to answer “Yes, of course I rebooted already!”

4. Keep your PC up to date.

Keeping Windows/MAC and programs up to date can help keep everything working smoothly. Updates are released to fix issues found and to keep up to date on the different protocols/features used.

5. Clean up old apps and data.

Removing unused apps and deleting old, unneeded data not only keeps your PC more organized but frees up resources that new and existing apps can utilize.

6. Use shortcuts.

Shortcuts help navigate to your destination faster. Whether on the desktop or in a browser, it will save you time by not typing in long website URLs or clicking on several folders to get to the data you need. You could also improve your typing skills, which will vastly improve your productivity.

7. Combine your messaging apps.

Using apps like GroupMe or Snowball streamlines all your different IM apps into one ‘Managing’ app. You only have one app to pay attention to and it also cuts down on the notifications so you can focus on your work.

8. Use password managers.

Having to remember and type two hundred different passwords can get a little frustrating. Authenticator apps help cut down on that frustration by remembering and filling in credentials for you and also speeding up the process. Doing this once isn’t too noticeable but do it multiple times a day and you’ll see the difference in time spent just typing passwords or looking them up.

9. Use authenticator apps.

Waiting for an email or text message for a one-time code can be annoying. Having an authenticator app that can generate it on your phone in real time can save you time (and frustration).

10. Save data to the cloud.

Taking advantage of Microsoft’s One Drive allows you to save your important/sensitive data on an offsite server that is accessible by all your devices as long as you have internet connectivity.

You can also make them available offline by enabling the feature. This cuts down on having to run into or connect remotely to your office just to retrieve a document. Most of these services allow you to access the files with your smart phone as well.

BONUS: Think about your work environment.

Remove distractions that take away your focus. Keep your workspace clean. Set goals to accomplish within a certain amount of time. Force yourself to take breaks every so often.

But most important, keep your schedule as consistent as possible. Having a routine helps keep you focused and allows you time to deal with the unexpected emergencies.

Finding ways to improve productivity not only gets tasks completed faster, but it also helps boosts confidence and the overall experience of work.

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