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Toshiba End of Life: Why Upgrading your Toshiba Phone System is so Important

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(Updated February 2023)

Back in 2018, we wrote about Mitel’s (owner of Toshiba phone systems) announcement to phase out Toshiba CIX and IPedge product lines. Since that writing, the company has since stopped selling new Toshiba equipment and add-on hardware. 

More importantlyMitel stopped providing manufacturer support on October 31, 2021. While we're continuing to take care of our clients past the end-of-life (EOL) date, we are also wrapping up our Toshiba support. 

What does that mean for your Toshiba business phone system? 

Over time,  obtaining and replacing Toshiba parts has become more difficult.  

You may be thinking, “My Toshiba phone system is running just fine right now—there’s no need to keep reading.”  

While that may be true, there are several reasons why your organization should never use outdated technology or equipment 

We’ve detailed four of those reasons, along with the next steps you should take if you are currently using a Toshiba phone system in your organization.  

Hardware Failures 

Should your outdated phone system develop faults or crash completely, it may or may not be possible to fix it. Repairs are dependent on several factors, including the cost and availability of parts, as well as the availability of technicians qualified to work on the product.  

If you find the scarce parts you need for your repair, prices are likely to rise, putting greater pressure on your organization’s budget  

Security Issues 

While hardware failures and system crashes are key things to avoid, security is another important topic to consider 

If you are using an outdated phone system, you will not have the latest software available, so there may be gaps in your system that present opportunities for cybercriminals or hackersSoftware updates ensure these gaps stay closed. If you are using an unmaintained version of a piece of hardware, such as a Toshiba phone system, that system will run less smoothly and present a greater risk for your organization.  

Increased Company Downtime 

As your Toshiba phone system ages, it is more likely to crash, and without a wide expanse of available parts, your company will face increased periods of downtime. Downtime is detrimental for several reasons, including lost productivity, revenue, and the increased likelihood of spending more to get your system back up and running.  

Poor Customer Experience 

Not only is outdated technology expensive to maintain, but it can also seriously affect your customer’s experience with your organization. Say a new customer called in, ready to do business with you.  

One of your associates answers the call, but your phone system is faulty, and the connection is intermittent. Eventually, the call drops completely. That new customer tries calling back because they are interested in your company but can’t connect.  

As the situation spirals out of controldue to your faulty phone systemyou have lost potential business due to a less-than-satisfactory customer experience with your organization. 

Reputational Impacts 

That unhappy, almost-customer mentioned above isn’t the end of your phone system's effect on your business. In fact, that prospect will no doubt spread the word about the experience, and before you know it, that one instance has started to tarnish your business reputation. And that is even harder to bounce back from than technical failures 

The success of your business hinges on the ability to communicate effectively.  

Don’t let an outdated Toshiba phone system call the shots and wind up costing you more money in the long run. Here’s what you can do now: 

Contact your telephone system partner 

Find out what your options are and determine the correct path to take with your Toshiba phone system. Likely, they will suggest one of these three options: 

Invest in a New System. If it’s in the cards for your organization to invest in a new phone system, this is the option for you. There are plenty of products to fit your needs, and CoreTech can help you decide which business phone system is right for you. 

Maintain Your Current SystemMaybe you are unable to cover the investment of a new phone system right now. Perhaps you’ve already determined your budget—that’s alright! We still have one employee who specializes in Toshiba systems, and we'll make a plan in the future to start saving for a new system.

Get a Crash KitYou’re not looking to invest in a new system or hire someone to maintain your phone system upkeep at this time, but you should plan to purchase a crash kit to repair your phone in the event of a hardware failure. CoreTech can put together the crash kit for your organization so you’re prepared should things go south.  

CoreTech’s expert, qualified unified communications team is ready to support your organization, no matter what path you choose.  

Our UC support staff are certified to work with Toshiba phone systems, and they have the knowledge and expertise to keep your phones functioning at maximum capacity.  

Contact CoreTech to learn more about your options or to get started today! 

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