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Communication is a vital component of your business process, and with a unified communications (UC) system, your organization's team can choose from a number of communication options, ensuring that your message gets across, no matter the medium. 

We at CoreTech know that no two businesses are exactly the same, and that means that your business communications system needs to suit your specific needs.

We can help you align your systems to increase efficiency, productivity and flexibility. 

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Important note: Are you a current Toshiba user?

Toshiba End of Life (EOL) date passed on October 31, 2021.  

The company is no longer offering manufacturer support for its phone systems. 


With Toshiba's end of life here, it's time to choose a path. Take the next step by contacting us below.  

Invest in a New System
Prepare your business for future growth with a new phone system! We will help you figure out what will be best for you based on organization size, number of users and phone options. Once we've had that conversation, we will provide you a quote for a new system.
Maintain Current Setup
That is, until you're ready to invest in a new system. By choosing Path 2, your service package includes a full Toshiba tune-up on an annual basis. It will cover parts and repair labor, but change requests or add-ons are excluded from this option.
Get a Crash Kit
Are you planning to run your current system until it dies? We can help with that, too, with a formula of components that will help keep your system up and running in a way that suits you and your business needs.
Take No Current Action
Are you satisfied with your current system? That's fine, but without service package 1, 2, or 3, you will be billed raised hourly rates. And, there is no guarantee, should your phones fail, that you will be able to find parts or techs for your system, which means you could end up paying more in the long run.
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The Benefits of Unified Communications

Communicate and collaborate. In real time.

  • Simplified management makes for higher efficiency. 
  • Integrate voice, video and chat into a single solution. 
  • Reach who you need to reach, wherever you are, with mobile solutions.
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