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Own a business in Omaha and need IT help?

Alyssa Sisco

It’s hard to run a business when you’re constantly being interrupted by computer restarts, unreliable internet connections, or frequently dropped calls. Yet, many small businesses just live with these frustrations because they don’t have the time or resources to find and fix the issue. Or, they simply get stuck in a break/fix loop with old technology or temporary fixes. We get that most small to midsize businesses in Omaha can’t shell out the resources to ...

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Why a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan is a must

Alyssa Sisco

Most often, we deal with disasters like ransomware infections or down servers. But lately, Nebraska residents and businesses are combating severe flooding. Although natural disasters are statistically less likely to destroy your tech equipment than malware, we have recently seen firsthand just how devastating natural disasters can be when they do strike. In fact, this image was taken by CoreTech staff member, Mike, near his home this week.

When ...

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Are you struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance?

Lori Mahoney

According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace 2017 report, over half of employees in the U.S. say that having a job that’s conducive to a healthy work-life balance is very important to them. Depending on where you live, some cities are better than others at offering a healthier balance. According to, Cities with the Best Work-Life Balance – 2019 Edition, they examined 100 of the largest cities in the country and for the second ...

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Has my email address been spoofed?

Marco Ren

If you’ve ever experienced someone complaining about you sending them “nasty” emails that you never sent – you’re not alone. Some of you may even have received an email appearing to be from yourself, claiming that your PC has been hacked and demanding a ransom in the form of bitcoin. In these situations, your email account may have been compromised. However, if you contact your IT support team and they are certain that your email is secure and has not been ...

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Is Unified Communications worth the investment?

Alyssa Sisco

Over 46% of companies are increasing their IT budget to invest in Unified Communications (UC). But, why? If so many businesses are convinced UC is the right place to invest their money, there must be some compelling reasons.

So, let’s take a look at your business. What are your goals for the coming year(s)? Are you looking to improve productivity, efficiency, collaboration, customer service or client retention? Is your business currently growing or ...

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Do external devices have access to your business's internal network?

Alyssa Sisco

Any infected device that is connected to your internal network has the potential to infect all the other devices on that network. Last week, a third-party vendor brought in a device that when connected to CHI Health’s network, introduced malware to their system. The virus spread to different devices at some of their hospitals and clinics and affected browsers attempting to connect with the health system’s network.

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Is a cloud-based phone system right for your business?

Sue Sims

Cloud technology is becoming more prevalent in small and midsize businesses. Not just in regard to storage or hosted IT applications, but in regard to phone systems as well. Cloud-based, UCaaS or “hosted” telephone systems are certainly rising in popularity. So, are they the best fit for your business? Read on and we'll talk about some things to consider.

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Why you should use a single managed services provider

Derek Warak

One MSP for voice and data is almost necessary in today’s world. Now that everything is connected through integrations, if one application stops working, it can hold up your entire process. You need to be able to have issues identified and resolved as quickly as possible, to maintain the flow of business. Not only does downtime cut down on productivity, it also puts people in a grumpy mood. According to a survey from the National Small ...

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Do you know if your CEO’s email username and password are being sold on the dark web right now?

Alyssa Sisco

Do you know if your CEO’s email username and password are being sold on the dark web right now? How would you? Eventually, you’ll find out when you have to prevent finance from wiring a hacker - posing as your CEO - large sums of money. Or, you may find out after finance has already fallen for a CEO fraud phishing scam and wired a hacker money… But if there is a way for you to know when your CEO’s credentials are being sold in the first place, you ...

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What we can learn about cybersecurity from the government shutdown

Alyssa Sisco

Amid the current government shutdown, over 80 government websites are either down or insecure. With no IT staff around to renew their TLS (Transport Layer Security) certificates, many government websites are being left open to vulnerabilities. Some of the sites are set up so that they become inaccessible to the public if their TLS certificates are not up-to-date. Yet, others simply warn users that the site is not secure, then allows you to bypass the warning ...

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