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TOSHIBA phone systems end of life – now what?

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Wait, DON’T CLICK that Link!

Phishing attacks continue to be one of the leading cyberattack methods targeting small businesses. With a cyberattack occurring every 36 seconds, hackers are relentlessly trying to steal your company or personal information. One of the ways they collect data is by providing you with a link to click. They are hoping you don’t know the signs and signals that the intent of their request is malicious.
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Topics: Staff Training, Security Threats, Network Security

CoreTech Recognized as a Premier Omaha IT Services Company by UpCity!

CoreTech is excited to share that we have been recognized as one of the premier IT services company in Omaha and nationally by UpCity!
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4 Tips to Creating Your SMB IT Budget

Creating an IT budget isn’t always easy for CFOs of small to midsize businesses. You’re busy keeping the business wheels turning to ensure the cash flow is there to sustain growth, analyzing key metrics, collecting accounts receivable, and reviewing reports.
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6 Technology Trends for SMBs in 2023

Small business owners have a lot to think about going into 2023. Inflation, cybersecurity threats, and the employee shift, such as the Great Resignation, are important topics to consider when strategizing technology purchases and planning for next year. Looking at the technology landscape, there are specific insights business owners and team members need to track and prepare for.
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How Your SMB Can Benefit from Outsourced IT Support

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What Does Strategic Planning Look Like for My SMB? (+3 Results)

A clear and well-defined strategy enables an organization to focus its resources and energy in the most impactful areas while playing to the organization's strengths. The strategy sets a course for how the company wants to get ahead, or stay ahead, of its competitors. A strategic plan ensures that all the elements of the company are working together as a coherent whole to achieve goals and objectives. Executing a strategic plan isn't something that can be done by the marketing department or the ...
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Topics: The Workplace, Technology Planning

The Difference Between RaaS, Ransomware 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0

Ransomware has maintained the boogeyman title of cyber security for nearly three decades, growing steadily as its target expanded from individuals to corporations to government facilities and education. Since its creation, hackers have sophisticated ransomware attacks on a database, creating multiple versions to fit whatever objective they try to achieve.
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Topics: Data Breach, Network Security

The Phishing Baits Hackers Use to Reel You In

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Fraudulent Accounts: Victims Losing Thousands on LinkedIn

With over 830 million members in 200 plus countries worldwide, LinkedIn is a great tool for business professionals to utilize. LinkedIn differs from its social media counterparts with its added ability to search and recruit for jobs, strengthen professional relationships, and pick up on tips colleagues have learned.
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Topics: Security Threats, Data Breach, Trends