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How Your SMB Can Benefit from Outsourced IT Support

Information technology is the backbone of an organization, providing critical infrastructure and services that keep businesses day to day operations running smoothly over the long run. IT teams manage corporate data and assets and deliver information and services to users. As the primary source of information and technology for the workforce, IT professionals are responsible for keeping employees productive while growing and evolving as an organization. IT professionals are also responsible for the safety and security of the network and data.

A skilled IT team is paramount to keeping your systems running, ensuring data is secure, and helping you find new ways to reach your customers. Small businesses and mid-sized businesses' in-house IT departments provide technical support, have valuable knowledge and experience, and serve as an extension of the business. However, their IT support team may lack the time and manpower to monitor and manage data and cyber security. So how do you ensure your business has the necessary tools and support? An outsourced IT support provider could be the best solution to assisting your team with the following services including:

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Efficient Data Management

A technology services provider will analyze your company's data management to assess its effectiveness, security, and disaster recovery plans. They will look for solutions to store and manage the company's data in a secure and structured manner. The goal is to create and maintain an effective data management strategy. Back-up systems are monitored, and confidential information is locked. Most importantly, data breaches and security threats are minimized.

Comprehensive Performance Monitoring

An experienced Omaha IT support services team will continually monitor the company's internal operations to improve equipment performance and security. If customer interactions occur via technology, even if only through email, systems are audited for quality and security to prevent the customer's and the company's data from being jeopardized. Performance monitoring keeps your core IT systems and operations running smoothly.

Increase Productivity

Choosing to outsource a technology services provider can free up time for your IT manager to focus on other projects. When your internal IT team and your support provider are aligned with the company's goals and needs, they can easily find ways to improve productivity. This kind of collaboration helps your business prepare for upcoming growth. It also improves the experience your staff and customers will have with the technology they use.

Enhance Cybersecurity

Security breaches are costly and range from a short amount of downtime to complete data loss. The volume and increased effectiveness of cyberattacks have 83% of companies looking for additional security services, such as those provided by CoreTech's Omaha IT security team.

A technology services provider continually monitors your systems for weaknesses and maintains top-of-line security tools and resources. They will establish a response team and procedures to get your business up and running as quickly as possible if a security breach occurs. All the security for your technology happens in a controlled environment, with your input, so you can focus on other aspects of your business, knowing your technology is secure.

Effective Solutions

When technology isn't functioning properly, it impacts productivity, security, and your bottom line. If technology isn't meeting your company's needs because it is outdated or was an ineffective purchase, your staff will lose trust in it and find workarounds that can cause other major issues.

An experienced technology services provider will bring a wealth of knowledge and resources. They will have experience with other products and software and can provide expert recommendations to help your organization.

Saves Money

One survey reports that companies save more than 40% by hiring an IT service provider. When outsourcing your IT services you are hiring a team of IT service providers for a lot less than hiring one full-time IT person for your in-house team. Tapping an outsourced IT provider gives you and your staff back time that they would otherwise be spending on troubleshooting their own tech issues.

Technology issues take time away from your core business, which impacts your company's productivity. Hiring an Omaha IT support company will provide you with the services you need and work with your budget. If technology purchases or projects are required, they will be budgeted, reducing the need for unexpected purchases to replace broken technology. You can focus on what's important and leave the rest to the experts.

Strengthen Your Team

Behind every successful business is a great team. The right people with the right experience, working together to achieve the company's goals, is what drives success. Hiring an Omaha IT support company brings talented professionals to your team who will add value and increase productivity. They will train your staff to be comfortable asking questions and requesting support when needed. This ensures you have a strong team and can provide the best experience for your customers.

At CoreTech, we believe in collaboration and have an experienced team of professionals ready to work with your company. Contact us to schedule a free consultation to see how we can leverage technology to reach your goals, enhance customer experience, and strengthen security. 

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