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Microsoft Teams Services: Tap the Power of Teams for Your Business


Microsoft Teams is transforming businesses in the Omaha and Lincoln metro areas. It offers much more than just a messaging platform. Teams is a collaborative workspace that has many use cases across a range of industries. Many local businesses use Microsoft Teams to help organize and streamline operations using features that can be tailored to specific departments and groups of staff.

Teams provides real-time collaboration to maximize workflow and productivity. If set up and implemented correctly and adopted effectively, Microsoft Teams is a great resource for companies to keep their employees connected, inside and outside of the office.


Why Do I Need a Roadmap to Get Started with Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is rapidly changing how we work, and there are many opportunities for small and midsize businesses to take advantage of the platform, especially if they’re already using Microsoft 365.

Without a strategic plan to help guide your implementation though, you risk frustration from users, not to mention decreased productivity, when getting started. Setting a strategic plan from the beginning of your Microsoft Teams adoption will help smooth the transition to using the application without data loss, disorganization, user resistance, or significant downtime.

CoreTech’s team will help you every step of the way, including:

  • Learning about your business needs and goals to determine the best approach
  • Determining appropriate methods for configuration and deployment
  • Developing governance processes that align with your business goals
  • Implementing necessary security and compliance requirements
  • Providing additional resources to tap the full functionality from your new platform
  • Creating an adoption plan for voice services
Why Hire a Teams Consultant

Get the Most out of Your Microsoft Teams Deployment with CoreTech Consulting & Training

As part of our Microsoft Teams consulting services, CoreTech experts will help align your use of Microsoft Teams with your overarching business strategies and goals, as well as department processes.

We also assess potential issues with usability, such as recommending and configuring integrations, and we assist with support after adoption to maximize your Microsoft Teams experience. Plus, our experts remain up to date on the latest developments in Teams features that frequently roll out. And, perhaps most importantly, as a security-first MSP, CoreTech knows the best ways to configure Microsoft Teams and keep your data safe.

CoreTech uses Microsoft Teams and Office 365 in our day-to-day operations, so we know the importance of strategic deployment and have real-world experience using the platform. We bring this experience and knowledge to your business to help you determine the best Teams setup for your operations.


No Matter Your Organization’s Industry or Size, You Will Benefit from Microsoft Teams’ Numerous Capabilities

Collaboration and Communication

Chat, call and conference from anywhere, while reducing the number of meetings needed and minimizing travel costs.

Learn more about Teams Collaboration

Integrations with Your Other Applications

By connecting Teams to some of the most popular integrations, including the 365 connection, you can streamline your entire organization with a truly powerful hub.

  • Save time with an all-in-one workspace that links to OneDrive and your favorite business apps.
  • Receive updates right in your chat stream from such services as Trello, Wunderlist and GitHub.
  • Track documents that need a signature by connecting to DocuSign.
Streamline Teams with Integrations

Security and Compliance

When configured according to HIPAA standards, Microsoft Teams’ security features such as login controls, audit logs and data encryption can help ensure HIPAA compliance.

Learn About Teams and HIPAA Compliance

Let's Chat!

Considering how integral Microsoft Teams can be to operations — and the immense value it may bring to your business — engaging a team experienced in Microsoft Teams consulting to guide a strategic roll-out can make a huge impact.

Let the experts at CoreTech handle your Teams adoption from start to finish. Contact us today to learn more about our Microsoft Teams consulting services or to get started with a Microsoft Teams discussion. And check out CoreTech’s helpful Microsoft Teams blog articles for tips and updates.

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