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Cybersecurity-help.pngWhen it comes to technology and doing business online, security is a huge priority for business professionals and their employees. CoreTech has partnered with a number of security vendors to train your staff to make smarter decisions. We will be maintaining this page with the latest cybersecurity threats to your business in order to keep you informed. Please share this information with your employees. 

So, you don't think it will happen to you? Read the articles below and increase your knowledge to protect yourself against hackers, scammers and fraudulent activities occurring where you might least expect them!


November 26

Charity Scams to Watch Out for During the Holidays

July 28

Gmail's Problematic Confidential Mode

July 5

Office 365 Data and Ransomware

June 20

What Is Angler Phishing And How Do I Avoid Becoming A Victim?

June 11

Apple Bans Cryptocurrency Mining In App Store

June 8

Is GDPR a Win for Cybercriminals?

May 19

Scam Of The Week: GDPR Phishing Attack With Apple Flavor / Royal Wedding

May 14

Chili's Fires Up Incident Response, Post-Breach

May 11

Equifax: "Oh, minor detail, we also lost 17.6 Million driver's licenses in that data breach"...

April 26

Researchers discover next generation phishing kit

April 25

Yahoo Pays $35 Million Penalty For The Hot Mess Of Their Massive Data Breach

April 24

Suspicious event hijacks Amazon traffic for 2 hours, steals cryptocurrency

March 26

City of Atlanta IT Systems Shut Down by SamSam Ransomware. Demand Is $51K To Decrypt

March 15

New Malware “Slingshot” Infecting Users For 6 Years

March 12

Home Sweet Hackable Smart Home

February 16

Scam Of The Week: Lowlife Scum Exploits Recent Florida Parkland School Shooting

February 2

No Patch Yet: Flash Vulnerability Exploited in the Wild

January 25

Keeping up with the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities

January 16

'Congratulations, you won' Malware Scam Crosses Over to Android

January 7

Scam Of The Week: Fake Meltdown And Spectre Patch Phishing Emails

January 3

An inventive YouTube moderator phishing scam