IT Security Assessment


Small to midsize businesses (SMBs) are the victims of 81% of all data breaches, and nearly all of them could be prevented with the use of today's technology.

With the increase in sophisticated cyber attacks, it is vital that you know where your business's security solutions stand and what you can do to maximize protection of your assets. 

That's why it is important to perform IT security assessments, so you can gain insight into what to do next to protect your bottom line. 

Are you ready to secure your business?

We can assess your current cyber security standing.

Our experts will begin evaluating your current security solutions by first defining your current security posture. 

Through the examination of such areas as anti-virus software, firewall usage and end-user awareness/training, we can determine where your greatest risks and gaps arise.

Whether that be compromised passwords, insecure Wi-Fi protocols or a lack of information security policies, we will identify your greatest strengths and your worst vulnerabilities, so you'll have a keen awareness of areas that might require remediation. 

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Learn where and how to mitigate risk with our IT security experts.

When you choose CoreTech to complete your IT security assessment for your Omaha business, you are partnering with an entire team of professionals with a broad range of IT security experience and expertise. 

And no one emphasizes cyber security more than we do. 

Contact us today to learn more to to schedule your free IT security assessment.