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Cybersecurity-help.pngWhen it comes to technology and doing business online, security is a huge priority for business professionals and their employees. CoreTech has partnered with a number of security vendors to train your staff to make smarter decisions. We will be maintaining this page with the latest cybersecurity threats to your business in order to keep you informed. Please share this information with your employees. 

So, you don't think it will happen to you? Read the articles below and increase your knowledge to protect yourself against hackers, scammers and fraudulent activities occurring where you might least expect them!


January 7

An inventive YouTube moderator phishing scam

January 3

An inventive YouTube moderator phishing scam

December 15

W-2 Phishing Scams Likely to Resurface After the New Year

December 5

Holiday Phishing Campaigns Target PayPal & Amazon Customers

November 13

[ALERT] This Scary New Phishing Attack Is Very Hard To Detect

November 8

Scam Of The Week: Massive Netflix Phishing Campaign

November 2

Malicious Chrome Extensions Steal Passwords & CPU Power

November 1

Is combosquatting a new trick hackers use to lure users into visiting malicious websites?

October 31

Protecting Against Bad Rabbit Ransomware Infection

October 12

Scam Of The Week: Las Vegas Shooting Victims Charity

September 29

 New Ransomware Strain Evades Machine Learning Security Software

September 13

Ransomware Can Destroy Backups in Four Ways

September 11

Equifax Phishing Attacks

August 28th

IRS Issues Urgent Warning to Beware IRS FBI Themed Ransomware Scam

August 15th

Spear Phishing Attack Uses Compromised PowerPoint Slide Deck

August 9th

Microsoft Vulnerabilities

August 3rd

How to Detect a Phishing Email

July 31st

Cyber Threats to Small Businesses

July 26th

WhatsApp Phishing Attack

July 21st

Apple Wi-Fi Vulnerability

July 15th

New Cybercrime as a Service Platforms Discovered

July 11th

Ransomware Survival Guide

July 10th

Phishing Moves to Smishing

June 27th

ALERT New Worldwide Ransomware Outbreak

June 8th 

Proofpoint: Cyber Criminals Shifting to Social Engineering


New Phishing Tactics and Prevention

May 20th

Scam of the Week: Massive DocuSign Phishing Attacks

May 15th

What You Need to Know About About the WannaCry Ransomware

April 3rd

iPhone Users Hit with Fake Ransomware

March 23rd
Website Security: Protecting Against Spammers

March 21st
Keep Social Engineering Attacks from Destroying Your Identity

March 17th
Four Lessons to Learn From the CIA Data Breach

March 13th
My Friend Stole My Password!

March 9th
Heads-Up. New Ransomware phising scheme lets wannabe cybercrims get in for free...

March 2nd
Dr. Hacker Isn't Wearing a White Coat

March 2nd
Top 5 Tax Season Scams

February 28th
Purging Personal Data from Used loT Devices

February 25th
Survey: Most Hackers Break In Within Six Hours