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Why Your Omaha SMB Should Be Conducting Phishing Email Simulations

We’ve all heard that COVID-19 phishing scams have seen a sharp uptick in the past few months. That fact itself may not be surprising, considering cyber criminals ramp up their activity anytime major events happen. However, the actual statistics behind the frequency of recent phishing attacks are jaw-dropping.
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4 Elements of an Effective Cyber Security Awareness Training Program

Your employees likely already know that they play a critical role in protecting company data assets, and that failing to uphold that responsibility can have disastrous consequences. However, an understanding of the stakes is not enough to protect the company from data breaches; your employees need the right tools and information presented in a digestible, actionable way. Conveying facts and instructions via a long PowerPoint presentation simply isn’t effective. In order to get all of your ...
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5 Ways Sway Hits the Refresh Button on Making Presentations

Since 1987, people have used PowerPoint to create pristine presentations for a variety of purposes, including strategic overviews, year-end wrap ups, project proposals and photo slideshows, welcome screens and so much more. But did you know that Microsoft has another presentation tool?
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